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How to choose your university


How to choose your university 

If you’ve had offers from a few different universities, choosing where you’re going to spend the next three years of your life can be hard. With time running out to decide, take a look at our guide to picking the perfect university. 


Before you select your university, it’s important to think about what its location will mean for you. 

Though it can be tempting to choose a university at the other end of the country from your parents, in reality, being far from home can make the first year of uni even harder. 

It’s also important to find out whether your course will be on a satellite campus or right in the middle of a city. Though you may not realise it now, the location of your classes will have a big impact on your experience.


Your course will be one of the most important parts of your uni experience. 

Make sure you pick a course you’re really interested in and choose a university that has a reputation for teaching the subject to a high standard. 

If you’re not sure what you want to study, it may be worth taking a year out. 

Whether you use your year to travel or to work, the time could help you discover what you’re really interested in and think more about what you want to do with your life. 

With many institutions now charging up to £9,000 a year, choosing the wrong course will be a very expensive mistake. 


Going to uni and leaving home for the first time can seem scary. As a result, some people are tempted to follow their friends and stick with people they know. 

Though this can work out well, it’s important that you choose a university for its own merits, not because your friends are going there. Within a week or two you’ll have a whole new group of friends anyway, so try not to worry too much about who you’re going to hang out with in those first few days. 


Some cities are much more affordable than others. Unless you’re planning to work through uni, or you have parents who can fund your lifestyle, it may be best to avoid institutions in London and opt for less pricey destinations instead. 

Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool all offer fantastic courses and vibrant city centres, and all are much, much cheaper than the capital. 

Wherever you choose to go to uni, the next three years are guaranteed to be some of the most exciting of your life. All you need to do is decide where in the country your adventure will begin.

For more university and study tips, take a look around our blog for more useful information. 

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