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How to design the ultimate smartphone case


How to design the ultimate smartphone case

As well as helping to protect your smartphone from scratches, knocks, drops and spills, customised covers are an eye-catching and effective fashion accessory, adding personality and individuality to your style. 
Creating a stand out smartphone cover is easier and more affordable than you think. Made in moments, your customised cover could be winging its way to you before the day is done. 
If you are going to create a personalised cover of your very own, getting the design right is crucial. You’ll be showing your case off every time you get your phone out, so if the case isn’t spot on, you won’t have much to shout about. 
To help you get it right, here are our top tips for designing the perfect case.
Before you start designing your phone case, think up a theme for its overall look. A lot of people choose to use photos of friends and family, though you could also use images of landscapes, your favourite bands or your favourite movie stars. 
If you log on to the Mr Nutcase site, you’ll see that we have a choice of templates available for most of our handset covers. 
These templates will have a big impact on the finished look of your cover, so make sure you pick the design that’s right for you. 
Photo quality 
If you use poor quality photos, your finished cover won’t look as good as it could. 
Instead of using dark, blurry or low quality images, opt for photos that are clear, bright and of a high resolution. If you don’t have any photos that are good enough, grab some friends, head outside and get snapping!

Another great way to add a personal touch to your smartphone case is to create an illustration of your own and have it printed on the cover. 
There are loads of computer programmes out there that make it easy to get creative. Or if you have a talented friend, why not ask them to come up with something especially for you? 

Once you’ve found your photos, created your illustration and selected the perfect template for your design, it’s time to order your product. As soon as the order has gone through, we’ll get straight to work on your personalised cover. Thanks to our efficient techniques and expert staff, your high quality product will be with you before you know it.

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