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How to find a budget smartphone


It’s no secret that smartphones are expensive. Though a lot of people get a phone included in their tariff when they take out a contract, replacing a lost handset, or buying a phone for a pay as you go deal, can put serious pressure on your finances. 

Though you’re not going to get a handset that will rival the iPhone 6, it is possible to find affordable smartphones for well under £200. If you look hard enough, you can even pick up touch screen, internet ready handsets for less than £50, a fantastic option if you’re looking to replace your handset on a budget. 

Go old school
If you were a fan of the iPhone 4 or the original Samsung Galaxy, why not go old school with your new smartphone handset. 
Ebay, Amazon and other online ecommerce sites are full of second hand phones, with many handsets available for less than £50. Though it’s important to check the phone is still in full working order, investing in one of these phones, and then replacing the battery or screen to bring it up to standard, is a great way to get a good quality phone on a budget. 
If you’re used to modern handsets, these retro smartphones may feel a little clunky and slow. However, if they’ve been well looked after by their previous owner, there’s no reason why a second hand smartphone won’t serve you well for a year or two at least. 
Minimise features 
Modern smartphones are incredible machines. Able to take outstanding pictures, bring up web pages in micro seconds and manage a whole range of high tech apps simultaneously, these futuristic devices offer a lot of bang for your buck. 
However, if you can live without a top of the range in built camera, cope with a slower processer and survive with a screen whose colours and displays are a little on the rustic side, you’ll find you can get a handset for almost nothing. 
If you just need your phone for internet access, and to take a few odd snaps, you can probably get by without all the bells and whistles of a modern handset. 
Avoid brands
Just as with any products, branded phones cost the most money. If you want to avoid paying for a label, try to shun the big brands and choose a lesser-known manufacturer instead. 
Once you’ve found the perfect budget smartphone for your needs, why not invest in one of our protective covers and make sure your handset lasts as long as possible?

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