How to find the right power bank for your phone

How to find the right power bank for your phone


How to find the right power bank for your phone 

Smartphones are incredible inventions. They can make calls, send messages, take photos and videos, surf the web, play films and even be used to control your TV. However one thing that they can’t do is hold their battery charge for more than a day. 

The best way to ensure you’re never caught short by a low battery is to invest in a power bank. Affordable, portable and very useful, a power bank will help you put the days of failing batteries well and truly behind you. 


The more milliamps, or mAH, a power bank has, the more battery charge it can hold and the more power it can provide your smartphone. To find out what size power bank you need, check the capacity of your phone. 

If your smartphone holds 2000mAH and you buy a power bank with a capacity of 4000mAH, it will be able to charge your phone twice over. If you invest in a power bank that’s 10000mAH, you’ll be able recharge your device an incredible five times. 

Size vs capacity

Though a 10000mAH, or even a 20000mAH, power bank may sound like a great idea, the bigger the capacity you go for, the larger your external battery will be. 

If you’re just planning on leaving your power bank at school or in the office, going for a larger, heavier unit won’t be too much of a problem. However, if you’ll be carrying your power bank around in your bag all day, you’ll probably want to avoid choosing a model that’s going to weigh you down. 


Like all things in life, the more money you spend on your power bank, the better it will work and the more durable it will be. Expensive power banks often charge smartphones more quickly and are more likely to hold their own charge for longer. 

You’ll also find that top of the range power banks are smaller, lighter and better designed than their cheaper counterparts. 


Though power banks are designed to work with most smartphones and tablet computers, there can be compatibility issues with some older devices. If you’re using a smartphone that’s more than a couple of years old, it’s important to check that your chosen power bank is compatible before you order. 

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