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How to make your very own cheap Christmas gifts


How to make your very own cheap Christmas gifts 
Buying presents is expensive at the best of times. When Christmas rolls around and you have to buy gifts for everyone from your Nan to the postman, your bank balance can really take a hit. 
This year, to take the strain off of your finances – and show your friends just how much you care – why not let your creative juices flow and make some presents with your very own hands? Affordable, unique and imaginative, homemade, cheap Christmas gifts are the perfect way to make your loved ones feel special and keep your festive spending under control. 
T-shirts can easily and affordably be customised using photos, transfers and fabric pens. 
If you have a photo or design on your computer that you want to print onto a T-shirt, simply buy a transfer from the internet, print your image onto the special surface and iron it onto the front of your shirt.
Personalised mugs make fantastic cheap Christmas gifts. Like T-shirts, mugs look great when customised using photos, graphic designs or drawings. As it’s very difficult to create a professional looking mug at home, order your design from the Mr Nutcase site and we’ll print your photos onto your mug and pop it in the post as soon as possible. 
Jams and chutneys 
Another way to create cheap Christmas gifts is to make a selection of jams and chutneys and give your loved ones a special festive hamper. 
Both jams and chutneys are very easy to make, so even if you’re not a whizz in the kitchen you should be able to knock up a few tasty treats. 
Framed photos 
If you like the idea of giving a photo as a gift but don’t want to purchase a T-shirt or mug to print it on, simply place the image in a frame and give it to your loved one to display where they want. 
To make your gift look as professional as possible, stay away from frames that are very ornate or intricate. Instead, opt for plain black, white or wooden frames with window mounts. This will help your photo to stand out and will ensure your gift looks sophisticated. 
Organising your cheap Christmas gifts
The only drawback of making your cheap Christmas gifts by hand is that they can take a little longer to produce. 
To make sure that your tree isn’t bare come Christmas morning, make sure that you start working on your gifts well in advance, leaving plenty of time for any specialist materials to arrive.
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