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How to protect your phone from accidental damage


How to protect your phone from accidental damage 

If your smartphone is the centre of your universe, the last thing you’ll want is for accidental damage to put it out of action. Though some accidents are unavoidable, protecting your phone from everyday scratches, drops and breakages is actually very straightforward. 
Buy a protective case
The easiest and most effective way to protect your phone from accidental damage is to invest in a protective case. Helping to prevent scratches, smashes and water damage, a durable cover will help to increase the lifespan of your handset. 
When buying your new protective case, make sure you choose a model that matches your handset perfectly. Cases that aren’t built for your specific device may not match up properly and may not fit snugly around your phone. 

Don’t keep it in your back pocket
Keeping your smartphone in your back pocket is a big no-no. For a start, there’s a high chance you’ll end up sitting on it and smashing the screen, leaving the device all but unusable. What’s more, if you take your trousers down when you go to the loo it’s more than likely your smartphone will take a tumble into the toilet bowl. 

Keep your phone away from water 
Water can do serious damage to your handset, so keep your phone away from H2O at all times. 
Don’t keep your phone in the same bag as your bottle of water, especially if it’s got a sports cap, keep glasses of water and other drinks as far away from your handset as possible and make sure you place your phone in an inside pocket if you get caught in the rain. 

Place your phone in the middle of the table
Smartphones don’t like heights. Make sure you keep your device in the middle of the table and away from the edge of any shelves to avoid any damaging nosedives. 
Keep your phone out of reach of children
If you’re a parent, you’ll know that children and smartphones just don’t mix. To avoid sticky mouths, butter fingers and curious minds damaging your phone, keep your device well out of the reach of children. 
Parents who hand their smartphones to their kids to keep them busy should try to supervise them at all times. If this isn’t possible, parents should try to teach their kids all of the above rules and then hope for the best. 
To find out more about caring for your phone, have a look around the Mr Nutcase blog today.

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