How To Start A Healthy Diet In 8 Great Tips

How To Start A Healthy Diet In 8 Great Tips



How To Start A Healthy Diet In 8 Great Tips


How to start a diet in 8 great tips

Being healthy is something so implicit for all of us and if you're looking to make those changes to have a healthy diet, these are 8 of the best steps you can take in order to achieve this!

Drink plenty of water

Our body is more than 60% of water so our water intake in vastly important. Not only does water carry our nutrients all around our body, if you’re looking to lose weight, water is a key factor in doing so. Having very cold water burns more calories as your body fights to get warmer whilst drinking it. 

fruit infused water bottle

Start small by aiming to have a litre or even half every day and slowly raise that when you’re comfortable enough, you’ll be having well over 2 litres a day in no time! It’ll also mean that when you’re exercising you won’t feel the need to stop for a breather as often as water helps energize your muscles. 

Drinking lots of water alongside other factors of a healthy diet will help lower your stress levels, will result in a more positive mindset help clear and prevent any breakouts of your skin!

Eat in moderation

platters of food

If you’re a person who loves to have plenty of snacks throughout the day (like me), it’s time to make small changes starting with this. Eating three big meals throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is sufficient enough for our body even with small snacks here and there. However, these meals should be eaten in moderation. Reduce the size of your meal if you’re used to large meals and have very small meals more often if need be, it will make a massive difference to your diet and you will start feeling much better about yourself due to the healthy impact.

Change out your fats

seasoning food in pan

We often eat very saturated fats and sugars that are processed such as junk foods and high in sugar drinks such as Coke or Fanta. And as tempting, as they may be, saturated foods like these cakes and biscuits can result in a high blood cholesterol levels, a much healthier option for us all is really quite simple. Replace them with foods that have natural sugar ingredients and unsaturated fats such as oily fish and vegetables and the sweetest of them all, fruits! Fry your food all the time? Grill it instead, it’s delicious too!

Use food labels to double check

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On the flipside, eating too much salt can also have a negative impact on you and can actually raise your blood pressure. Those with hypertension (high blood pressure) are more likely to develop heart disease over time and can even have a stroke. To prevent this, measure your salt intake, as adults and children over the age of 11, we should not have any more than 6g of salt a day. Even if you don’t go out of your way to add salt to what you eat, ¾ of the salt we eat is already in everything we buy to eat!

Get active

Man exercising

Even if you’re not much of a fitness person, a healthy balanced diet only really works best with regular exercise. This doesn’t mean you have to become crazy for gym suddenly, even light exercise very often works just fine too. Need to go up a few levels? Skip the lift, take the stairs instead. It will work wonders to your system when you combine a good diet with exercise, the two do after all go hand in hand. The best part about it? It has been proven that exercise not only helps you physically and internally but mentally also. Being healthy isn’t just about what you eat or what exercise you do, but mentally also and all of these combined will ensure that you’re positive always and positive means happy in the end result.

Don’t skip out on the most important meal of all…


They don’t say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for no reason, it really does start you up for the day by providing vitamins and minerals needed for a good health.  People sometimes think that by refraining from having their morning meal it will help them lose weight but many types of research actually counter argue this and shows that eating breakfast can, in fact, help people control their weight. 

Lots of fruits and vegetables

cut up fruit and veg

There was a time where 5 fruits or veg a day seemed so hard to achieve but as I slowly, slowly started to have them more it became like second nature! Both fruits and veg contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that help us and eating them can be so easily done. Just add a banana or some berries on top of your cereal or switch a chocolate bar or packet of crisps and you’ll find that you’ll be having loads more fruits and vegetables without you even realising, it’s that easy!

Fish, fish, fish

Grilled fish dinner

If there is one good source that contains protein and vitamins, it’s fish. Even just by having two portions of fish a week, including one portion of an oily fish, will make a difference to your diet and health, not only now but in the long run too. Oily fish, such as salmon, fresh tuna, and mackerel, contains omega-3 fats which helps prevent heart disease and-and is one of the only natural food sources of vitamin D which is vastly important for the health of our bones. 

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