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How to start a phone case business?


Full Wrap Around Premium Edition Phone Cases

Alot of Artists and designers are starting to sell their designs on phone, tablet and MacBook cases theses days. But why? Because it can be a great way to earn money and get their work known and recognised.

Here at Mr Nutcase we have been working with designers for a number of years offering a fulfilment service for their products. Simply explained our designers create their designs to fit all the different models of phone, tablet and MacBook cases from templates we provide them with. They then advertise on their own site and when a customer places an order they log in to Mr Nutcase and place the order using discount codes depending on which country the case is being shipped to.

Because it has been so popular we have recently opened a sister company called Easy Fulfilment, through Easy Fulfilment we can offer so much more to our drop shippers including being able to link directly to their shops so that all orders come directly through to us as soon as the customer places their order. The customers are not aware of any involvement from Mr Nutcase or Easy Fulfilment. All emails they receive are sent directly from the designers site or shop and when they receive their case the only branding used is the individual designers.

Steps to take when starting your own phone case business:

Research your website options. Is it best for you to create your own website or to use Etsy or Big Cartel? A Number of our drop shippers are using Etsy and Big Cartel.

Contact us at Easy Fulfilment and we can discuss the best drop shipping options for you.

Set up an Easy Fulfilment account.

Download the case templates.

Design some cases!!!

Order your sample cases.

Get your products on your online shop.

Start marketing – social media is proving to be a fantastic way of getting your online business noticed.

Watch as your orders flood in!

Mr Nutcase and Easy Fulfilment really have strived to give drop shippers an easy and stress free way to start selling their designs on phone, tablet and MacBook cases. For further information check out

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