How your smartphone can help you lose weight

How your smartphone can help you lose weight


How your smartphone can help you lose weight

We all know that smartphones can help us to connect with friends, plan our social calendars, manage our work schedules and keep us entertained. 

However what you may not realise is that your smartphone can also help you to lose weight. 

Using several functions of this handy device can help to motivate, support and enable you to get fit, get active and burn fat, leaving you healthier, happier and ready to live your life to the full. 

Fitness apps

There is a fantastic selection of fitness apps on the market. From running and yoga apps to apps that create a complete workout regime just for you, these innovative digital aids can make a huge difference to your motivation levels and your will power. 

Whether they’re free or paid for, these apps are a great tool for helping us to lose weight and get fit so why not download a few to your phone now and watch your motivation levels soar. 

Running soundtracks 

If you’re new to running, or getting back into exercise after a break, forcing yourself to keep going when your legs are aching and your lungs are burning can be tough. One of the few things that can get you through the wall and make running that little bit easier is a great sound track. 

Not only will a high octane running soundtrack give you the boost you need just at that critical moment, it will also make your daily workout session more enjoyable and more productive.  


We all know the saying ‘a photo speaks a thousand words’ and it’s rarely more true than when it comes to losing weight. Seeing a photo of your flab pouring over your waistband can be an excellent motivator, as can photos of flabby arms, legs and faces.

For a more scientific approach, take a photo of yourself in the mirror at the start of your weight loss journey and use it as a mental motivator. Take a new photo every week to see the difference you’re making to your body, or take a photo every month for an even more dramatic change. 

Not only will this remind you why you’re working so hard, it will also show you how much you’ve achieved by getting fit and getting active. 

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