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Ideas for sensational Secret Santa gifts


Ideas for sensational Secret Santa gifts
Presents are undeniably one of the best things about Christmas. Whether they’re big expensive presents, small thoughtful presents or medium sized useful presents, waking up on Christmas day to a room full of gifts is one of the best feelings ever. 
However, being on the other side of the gift giving isn’t so easy. Thinking of expensive, thoughtful or useful presents for all of your friends, family and colleagues can be difficult to say the least, especially if you’ve signed up for the office Secret Santa and don’t know your givee all that well. 
To help you navigate your way through this challenging time of year, we’ve put together a few ideas for affordable and exciting Secret Santa gifts even the scrooges in your office will love. 
Personalised Secret Santa gifts
Creating a gift with a personal touch is a fantastic way to transform a good present into a great one. 
Using the fast, efficient and easy to understand tools on our websites, items like phone covers, tablet computer cases and mugs can be customised with photos, drawings or graphics to create unique items any recipient will love. 
Remember to make sure that the photos don’t give your identity away, otherwise your Secret Santa identity may not be that secret after all. 
Quirky gifts
If you know the person who’ll be receiving your gift well, try to give them a present with a bit of character. 
Think about the hobbies and interests that they have and try to select a present that reflects their personality and their lifestyle. 
Depending on how big your budget is, you could look into investing in an experience day for your lucky recipient. Skydiving, car racing, falconry and even zombie invasions can all make great days out and fantastic Secret Santa gifts. 
If you have a few funny photos of your subject, you could use them to create hilarious personalised phone covers and cases, taking care to ensure that all of the images you use are suitable for the workplace. 
Safe Secret Santa gifts 
If you don’t know your givee very well, you may not feel brave enough to give them personalised or quirky Secret Santa gifts. In these cases, it’s generally better to go for a safe gift and just give them something that they’ll find useful.
Phone and computer cases are always a good choice as they are practical and good quality so why not find out which device your givee uses and order a matching case? They’ll appreciate the effort that you’ve gone to and will love the extra protection the cover gives to their electronics.

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