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Is mobile advertising still effective?


Over the last few years the way that consumers engage with brands and conduct product research has changed a lot. Traditional magazine, billboard and TV advertising can still be effective, but it can also be very expensive and there are other ways to reach a large, highly targeted audience. Mobile advertising is affordable and offers a very good return on investment. Today, most consumers carry their phones with them everywhere they go, and they have data packages that allow them to access the web on the move. Phones are a part of our identity, and we customise them with phone cases, desktop wallpapers and various apps. Our phones are both a form of expression and a powerful tool.

Advertising to Mobile Users

Brand owners have many options when it comes to advertising to mobile users. Those options include social media campaigns, mobile apps, SMS marketing, advertisements placed in mobile games and advertisements focused on local search or via check-in-focused platforms such as Foursquare and Gowalla. Social media marketing is particularly effective because it can be used to reach both desktop and mobile users.

Recent research shows that more than half of all consumers use multiple devices while they go through the process of identifying a need for a product, conducting research to decide which version they want, finding the best deal and then completing the transaction. Businesses that can offer a consistent and attractive experience across multiple devices will be in a much better position to attract and retain customers. SMS marketing is an affordable way to engage with existing customers, but it can be difficult to carry out correctly. If you are not clear about your intent to SMS consumers, your messages are poorly timed or your subscriber management system is confusing, then you could end up alienating your customers. For this reason, you should tread carefully and choose a company with a good SMS marketing track record to manage your campaigns.

A Local Approach

Location-based marketing via Foursquare and similar services, or even just local search and websites optimised for mobile, will perhaps be the best option for businesses looking to get into mobile marketing. While other marketing techniques are falling out of favour, the immediacy and convenience of searching for “pizza in Manchester” and getting directions to a highly rated pizza store that is open right now is something that consumers love and that businesses can exploit quite easily. Mobile marketing is a young and rapidly growing industry, and this means that trends are always changing. It is up to you, as a business owner, to experiment and see what works best for your business and what your target demographic responds to. You may be surprised at how differently each age group responds to mobile marketing campaigns.

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