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Journey Essentials: The Must Haves


Journey Essentials: The Must Haves

There comes a point where we’ve all been in a car during a long journey and wanted to bang our heads against the window, I know I have! To make life easier on all of us, I’ve constructed a list of a few must haves we should all have on a car journey.


I’m sure we can all agree that a mobile phone is one of the best inventions made. It’s not only useful, especially in times of need, but is so multifunctional. A Smartphone is good to have on a long journey as you can use it for music, games, apps, take pictures of scenery to capture moments along your journey and most importantly, phone calls! Sometimes the best thing on a long journey is talking to someone. Having companions on long trips don’t always happen like when you’re travelling alone. A good companionship always makes time pass quicker!


Funnily enough, sometimes on a journey instead of wanting companionship you’d rather banish the idea altogether, at least for a few hours. Having a pair of headphones allows you to block the world out, whether you’re watching a programme or film or even listening to music or a good audio book. You can always lose yourself in what you’re doing. And as they say…’headphones in, world out’ you can always count on them saving you for a good few hours!


Well you can’t exactly be on the phone or watching something for the entire duration of a journey, especially if you’re driver. Having a good playlist to listen to is always key! You can either grab an aux cable to attach your phone or iPod or make sure you’ve burned a CD you know you won’t get bored of! Sometimes you don’t need someone to talk to but rather to hear a voice.


If you’re taking a phone or another electrical device such as iPad or Tablet, you must make sure to take each of their chargers! And perhaps investing in a car charger for them! There is nothing worse than being on the phone and being cut off or getting to a really good part in a book or your favourite verse in a song and then next thing you know, the power has cut. Ugh, just take it from me; avoid it at all costs! Take a charger with you.


You may be the type of person that prefers leaving all that behind and focus on a good book to curl up to instead. Often, I’m definitely one of them! A book is perfect for a journey; letting yourself fade into a whole new world is so beyond exciting! And you won’t even face the whole battery running out issues, maybe just take a book light to attach instead (for the evening travels) and you’re sorted!


You never know when you’re going to stop in a journey, if it’ll be at the service stations or a restaurant, you also never know if you’ll run out of gas which means you’ll need to take an immediate petrol break for you car. So money is always a key thing to take, as you’ll never know when you need it!


Going along those lines, what if your car breaks down? Heaven forbid, but it’s a common problem we can all face. Taking an emergency breakdown service card will give you that extra little boost of help when you need it most. Having a break down cover service will also help reduce the cost than paying for the one off and what’s better than that?


Taking a nap is literally one of the best things ever. Agreed? Agreed. When better to take a nap than on a long tedious journey where you have more than enough hours to kill? A blanket and a pillow provides the ultimate comfort levels and if you do it right it’ll be like sleeping in heaven (well, on a moving car).


I don’t know about you but there will be soo many times where I get a little peckish so without fail, I will always take a few snacks and a drink! Now I’m not suggesting you take an entire plates worth of lasagne (as yummy as it is), that’s a little too heavy for my taste and can make you slightly sick with all the car motion but some crisps will suffice!


If you’re a person that suffers from car motion sickness or just gets a little hot and sick, the best things to take to refresh you is chewing gum and water. The gum makes your mouth feel fresh and clean and gets rid of any sickly feelings and the water not only wakes you up and quenches your thirst, it hydrates you and keeps the headaches at bay! As an extra tip, don’t look out the side windows and instead look straight ahead!


How many times has one little sheet of tissue been a lifesaver? So whether it’s for yourself or to wipe food away or to dry your hands, tissue definitely comes into handy on a long journey! Lots of people don’t like to eat food in a car, as it can get pretty messy, taking a pack of wipes solves this problem easily and quickly! Wiping your hands or food from interior, wipes can be very useful! Especially if you can’t stop to wash your hands!

First Aid

You never know when an emergency may occur, small or otherwise an emergency is just that… an emergency. Having something so small like a first aid kit can take you a long way and you never know just exactly when it can help you!

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