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Kid-Proof Your Smartphone


How to Kid-Proof Your Smartphone

If you have children, you will be fully aware of how much they like to explore and learn about everything they can get their hands on - including your phone. While you may easily prevent cosmetic damage to your phone with a personalised HTC ONE case, it is the actual information your child can access that is of more immediate concern. A smartphone may be an excellent way of teaching your children about a variety of subjects and be an ideal platform for interaction, but there are probably a number of features on your phone which you would rather not be accessed by your little ones. Without even trying too hard, a child with a smartphone can do a number of things that could potentially be harmful, including accessing dangerous websites or deleting vital information. On a more light-hearted note, while you may be in the market for a new phone case, you do not necessarily want your child ordering a batch of personalised iPhone 4 cases and spending money on your behalf! Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure the worst does not happen.

Set Up a Screen Lock

This is a simple way of ensuring your child does not gain access to your smartphone while it is just lying around. Screen locks can take the form of a pin code which needs to be entered, a pattern to be followed or a password to be correctly inputted.

Create User Profiles

Creating separate user profiles for yourself and your child is an excellent way of limiting exactly what your child can access on your smartphone. A user profile will usually have its own home screen and its own list of accessible apps, games and websites which have been predefined by you.

Password-Protect Google Play

Google Play is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms from which to download apps and games. However, there are probably quite a few apps you do not want your child to access. As it is so easy to download from Google Play, the best option is to set a lock which limits download ability.

Set Browser Limits

Just as you would when they are using a laptop or a tablet, you want to protect your children when they access the internet on a smartphone. There are a number of excellent apps available which allow you to set up parental controls that help to keep children safe while browsing web pages. These controls include completely blocking access to certain websites and setting browsing time limits. Once these controls have been set, you can then relax in the knowledge that your children will be safe while accessing the internet. The best thing about all of these safety steps is that they are all completely free, in addition to being exceedingly easy to implement. There is nothing more important than a child’s safety, so make sure you do all you can to keep little ones safe when they are using smartphones.

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