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Laptop? Tablet? Let Us Help You Decide


Laptop? Tablet? Let Us Help You Decide

Until the iPad arrived in 2010 there were virtually no mainstream tablet computers on the market. Some manufacturers had tried to popularise them in the past, but most people stuck with laptops for their portable computing needs. Things are very different today, with hundreds of millions of tablets selling internationally each year and laptop market share shrinking as more people adopt this alternative form factor. The question many people face today is whether they should ditch their laptop altogether and get a tablet to replace it, stick with their current laptop for a little longer or buy a tablet to supplement their laptop and combine in a multi-device digital ecosystem. To help you decide, here is a look at the ups and downs of tablet ownership and what makes them so highly sought after today.

Digital Delights

Tablets are definitely one of the best gadgets for consuming online content of all kinds. Whether you are streaming video clips, reading newspaper articles, checking out eBooks or playing games, the fact that they have a bigger screen than comparable smartphones, while being lighter and more manoeuvrable than full-sized laptops, will keep you thoroughly entertained. Tablets are perfect for indulging in other digital delights as well, such as using social networking services like Facebook and Twitter, or chatting with friends via WhatsApp or FaceTime. And with personalised iPad Mini case options available, it is easy to keep your compact tablet safe and sound whether you are on the move or sitting at home in front of the TV. If you use your smartphone for most of these tasks already, then being able to pick up a tablet in certain environments will mean that you are not draining the handset’s battery unnecessarily. So even in this division of content consumption there are benefits to be gained.

Productive Problems

When it comes to productivity, there is a bit more of a debate as to whether this new format is really capable of keeping up with traditional laptops when you have work to do. And to a degree it could be argued that laptops are better when it comes to productivity. Having said that, tablets are great for allowing you to share content with others, such as presentation material and information when you are in a one-on-one setting. And with personalised iPad Air case options and other accessories allowing you to accommodate a full physical keypad if you cannot type quickly enough with the onscreen iteration, you do not need this form factor to slow you down. Many productivity-oriented apps are available on modern tablets, handling everything from word processing and spreadsheets to business expenses and other financial functions. So a good tablet will not be a limiting factor if you are keen to be as productive as possible.

Cost Considerations

Although tablets are certainly powerful and endowed with high-resolution displays, they are also often considerably more affordable than an equivalently powered laptop. This varies by make and model, but in general you can get a good deal on most tablets, so buying one as an addition to your collection while still sticking with your laptop is very much an option. Make sure that you do your research before you commit to any tablet, as getting first-hand experience is a good way of determining which route you should take.

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