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LG G Flex: the first curved smartphone to hit the markets


Curved smartphones are on their way and one of the first to hit the market in Europe will be the G Flex from South Korean manufacturer LG. An exact UK release date is still not known, but it is set to arrive in France this month and will likely land on British shores at some point early next year. The sky-high price it has been selling for in its native land equates to roughly £580, so it could be one of the most expensive models on the market when it eventually arrives. But what does the G Flex offer that makes it so unique and will curved phones such as this really take off in Europe?

G Flex Hardware

The most important component of the G Flex is, of course, its six-inch AMOLED display, which is concave and can actually be flexed to a certain degree, making it much more durable than the rigid screens used by most other smartphones. The downside of the adoption of flexible technology is that the G Flex's screen only has a 720p resolution, making it a little less crisp and clear than the 1080p full HD panels chosen by rival phablet devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Nokia Lumia 1520. The G Flex uses the latest Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm, boasting a 2.26GHz clock speed, with 2GB of RAM also found within. There is 32GB of storage as standard and the phone will not take additional memory cards, so this is all the space you get. A 13-megapixel camera sits on the back and it does a decent job at capturing images, with the Android Jelly Bean operating system bringing the hardware to life and LG's own interface taking centre stage.

Curved Screen Advantages

One of the reasons that manufacturers are adopting curved screens such as this is that in the case of the G Flex, it makes it much easier to use the phone while holding it with one hand. Most other six-inch phablets are hard to handle without employing both hands, but here you can reach more of the screen with your thumb, which is an advantage. Of course, LG will also have to start making curved phone cases to account for the banana-like shape of the G Flex, which will also require third-party accessory makers to take this step. The durability factor that curved, flexible displays offer will also be seen as a benefit, especially by anyone who has suffered a cracked or smashed screen in the past. It is impossible to predict whether or not you will be able to protect your phone from damage, so getting one which is fundamentally sturdier is sensible. The high price of the LG G Flex may make it a bit of a niche option when it launches in the UK, but the success of the costly Galaxy Note range from Samsung is a sign that people are willing to spend their cash on this type of device.

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