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Limited free iCloud storage and the best 5 alternatives to i-cloud

We are increasingly storing up data—from movies to music and from invoices to emails-- in a virtual online drive. There is no doubt that the lure of cloud is essentially increasing since many things seem to make life easier and one of such things is a reliable and fast mobile broadband. Thanks to competition among cloud competing providers. As customers begin to lose their free storage, for instance the case with MobileMe clients, several people are beginning to consider opting for paid iCloud upgrade. Before you make this choice, it’s important you consider some of the alternatives to icloud owing to limited free storage. One big downside of cloud services is that some of the services are limited to certain specific hardware. For instance, Apple is hesitant when it comes to sharing data with Windows PCs, though change is long expected. In the same vein, cloud usually has multiple tiers; while some are paid-for services, others are free services. Having noted this, it’s essential to consider some of the cloud alternatives.


This is known to be the first cloud storage service to attain mass-market adoption offering meagre 2GB of free service plus 100GB and 200GB costing $100 and $200 respectively. There is availability of larger options. Often times you don’t need to manually access your Dropbox folder and with a few awesome apps backed up with built-in dropbox support, this might just be the best fit.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service. With a Google account, it’s almost automatic that you have a drive. With an open-handed 15GB of free space with opportunity to upload files up to 10GB, chances that you will hit file-size issues are very rare. Thus, Google’s drive makes available as much storage space you could want with available options of close to a huge 16TB. Its services range from free 15GB, 100GB and 200GB at $60 and $120 respectively.


This is the Windows’s sameness of iCloud, a good option for Windows users, though could be used by Mac users. With your Microsoft account, you are already an account holder of Skydrive. There is a paid option of 107GB and 57GB going at $50 and $25 respectively. It appears that SkyDrive is the cheapest of all the major cloud storage services.


One of the oldest cloud services available, though seemingly unpopular, is SugarSync. It was launched in 2008. This is basically designed to synchronise files between devices, thus, it’s in a way dissimilar to other cloud services. One big issue with SugarSync is that there is no option for free storage, though you can get a free 30-day trial of its 60GB service. Its services are offered at $75, $100 and $250 for 60GB, 100GB and 200GB respectively. With the above, the choice of any cloud storage service may be dependent on your device. It could equally be based on your simple cloud preferences.

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