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Love Island: Top 6 Muggings Off


It’s the final of ITV 2’s second series Love Island tonight and we’re not sure how we’re going to cope without it. We’ve counted down 6 of our favourite muggings off:


6) Cara Mugs Off Nathan


This all kicked off a few weeks ago in a seemingly harmless game of true or false. Cara mentioned that she had … erm slept with fellow islander Adam back in the day when they worked alongside each other in Ibiza.


This was obviously a false statement but Nathan was not having it. He proceeded to get rather aggy with the poor girl after this joke backfired on her.


The argument was resolved very swiftly as the pair reverted back into the Cara and Nathan that we know and love and were cuddling on the sofa in no time.


5) Alex Mugs Off Olivia


Where do we even start with this pair? Alex is the perfect combination of all of the celebs we’ve ever fancied and Olivia is the lovely, caring girl who we all wish was our real life bff. Their journey has had its ups and downs but they always seem to come through as an adorable couple.


However Alex has had his fair share of slip ups (let’s not mention THAT canoodle with Zara in the hideaway) but this one in particular was fairly recent following the arrival of scouser Katie Salmon.


Alex referred to new girl Katie has having a “new girl downstairs” - much to Olivia’s dismay. This information was revealed to Olivia during the brutal release of tweets from the outside world. Very muggy Alex. Very muggy indeed.


4) Kady Mugs Off Scott


Kady and Scott have had a blinding love-hate whirlwind romance over the past 6 weeks. About 3 weeks ago their relationship faced an explosive twist when James Khan entered the villa. James had eyes for Kady and was 100% Kady’s type “on paper’”.


Newbie James got to take a girl of his choice on a date. And naturally, he chose Kady. All was good until the islanders played a game of “Mugged Off” (yes that’s the real name of the game!) a few days later.


Scott found out that Kady had said she err… “fancied the pants” off of James and that is when all hell broke loose in the house. Scott was throwing the M word round left right and centre and it was just all a bit of a mess really.


3)  Miss Great Britain Competition Mugs Off Zara


Oh Zara. Remember Zara? She received a lot of stick for the sheer amount of times she reminded us that she was Miss GB even though it wasn’t something she wanted to share in the first place.


Zara kept her head held high in the villa despite repeatedly being unlucky in love. She firstly fell for Scott who left her for Kady and then Adam who never really showed an interest in her anyway.


Much to the outrage of the general public, Zara was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title following her shenanigans with Alex in the hideaway. Even Flackers herself mentioned on This Morning that the situation was handled wrong. Poor Zara, you’ll always be our beauty queen.


2) Sophie Mugs Off Katie


This is a complicated one to explain so we’ll go with a timeline. Firstly Sophie is very smitten with Tom, making them the villa’s power couple. Next, Tom’s ex girlfriend Emma enters the house and all of a sudden Sophie decides she doesn’t want to be with Tom any more. Tom leaves the house and Katie enters. Sophie decides that Katie is rather attractive and forgets about Tom in an instant, sharing a kiss with Katie on a date. Are you still with us? Yes? Good.


Katie decides that she is rather attracted to Sophie too and commits to the first ever same-sex storyline in Love Island history by coupling up with Sophie rather than one of the boys - which is a pretty big thing to do.


Love Island, the cheeky devils that they are, decided to throw a spanner into the mix by making the Islanders play the beyond brutal game of guess-who-the-mean-tweet-is-about. During this game it was revealed that the public are mad at Sophie for moving on from Tom so quickly. All of a sudden Sophie dumps a very tearful Katie stating that she was still in love with Tom after all.


Coincidence? We think not.


1) Terry Mugs Off Malin


This was definitely a predictable choice for the biggest mugging off in this series of Love Island but how could we not put this at number one?


Terry the heart throb found himself in a relationship with Malin shortly after he was voted into the villa during the early stages of the show. A few weeks later, in a shock twist, Malin was asked to leave the show after she received the least votes. Terry told Malin that he would leave with her and then… didn’t.


Shortly after, Tom’s ex girlfriend Emma enters the house and the pair instantly click. Their relationship was looked down upon by fellow Islanders and those at home due to a rather raunchy stunt in the bedroom.


We understand that he wasn’t in a committed relationship but who DOES that? Poor Malin. #GirlPower

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