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Make the most of iPhone 5s camera


The iPhone 5S has the best camera that Apple has ever featured on a smartphone. It still uses the same eight-megapixel resolution as its predecessors, but has much larger pixels on the sensor, which means that more light can be captured and better performance is achieved, even in dim environments. What you get is a mixture of highly detailed images and impressive low-light photos, which are made all the easier to take thanks to the integrated flash. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you take the best possible photos using the iPhone 5s.

Quick Camera Access

If you are all about using your mobile camera to capture those spontaneous moments in life that cannot be recreated, then you will want to be able to pull your iPhone and start using the camera as quickly as possible. To do this efficiently all you need to do is swipe your finger up from the bottom of any screen on your iPhone and touch the icon for the camera, which appropriately is a picture of a camera. You can even do this from the lock screen and the camera app will launch almost instantly thanks to the power of the A7 chip.

Burst Mode Benefits

Burst Mode is a great setting to use if you are trying to take action shots, or just want to get the best possible photo without having to repeatedly press the shutter button. All you need to do is hold it down and the iPhone 5s camera will capture ten images each second. This mode then analyses the snaps, lets you know which are the best and then gives you the option to keep or remove any ones you like.

Fast Focus

In the past if you wanted to focus your iPhone's camera on a particular subject, you would need to tap that portion of the screen containing it. But with the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 camera software this can now be achieved just as well using the volume button. Holding this physical key down for a short period will focus things appropriately and mean that you do not need to tap your handset and potentially upset the framing that you had carefully arrived at. Tap to focus is still a key function, but having this alternative is pleasing.

Slow-Mo Fun

The iPhone 5S is powerful enough to shoot video at a speed of 120 frames a second, which means you can then slow clips down and they will bring the world to a crawl without losing quality or stuttering. Slow-motion video mode is good for recording sports and other physical activities, but works just as well if you are shooting a crowd of people while out and about or messing around pulling funny faces with friends. The iPhone 5S has such a good camera and an excellent suite of standard software that you should make sure to buy phone cases for it which will not obscure the lens or the flash.

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