Mr Nutcase Blog - How non-football lovers feel about Euro 2016

How non-football lovers feel about Euro 2016


If you aren't a football fan, these next few weeks probably aren't going to be the most fun for you. With the topic of nearly every conversation being about Euro 2016 and some of your favourite TV programmes being cancelled to make way for the obviously more important football matches, you might be finding yourself at a loose end. Don't worry though, you aren't the only one. In fact, there are a lot of us non-football fanatics who can completely relate. So to those of you who are sick of reading about how great football is, here's a bunch of memes you can probably relate to.


1. You don't care who wins

Sound of Music meme

You really don't like football so whether it's England or France, Spain or Wales who win the Euros; you don't care. The one thing you do care about though is that your boyfriend's team wins so you don't have to put up with the inevitable bad mood that accompanies a loss. 

2. You just can't understand why people love football so much

Skeptical Baby meme

To you, football is just a bunch of men kicking a ball around a field. What can people possibly find interesting about that? In all honesty, you find watching paint dry a lot more exciting.

You are probably also experiencing a lot of people telling you that it doesn't matter if you like football, it's your country playing so you must watch the match. Quite frankly, it doesnt matter whether it's a national game or your dads five-a-side match on a tuesday night, you just don't find football interesting and you could find a lot better things to do with your time.

3. You think everyone has forgotten about you

First World Cat Problems meme

With everyone either watching or talking about the football, you are probably finding it hard to join in. As a result, you can't quite remember the last time a football fanatic spoke to you. Wondering when you'll get your family's, friend's and boyfirend's attention back? You could be waiting until July 10th. Sigh.

On the bright side, you've been forced to talk to new people and your friendship with fellow non-football fanatics has really blossomed. You have a lot to thank football for really.

4. You can't understand half of the posts on your social media newsfeed

Programmer meme

Your social media newsfeeds are completely full of posts about the Euros and you have no idea what they are about. You aren't sure what offside means and you don't know who Pogba is or who he plays for. Don't worry though, in less then a month your newfeed will be full of cat photos and prank videos once again. Hang on in there.

5. You can't wait for the football to finish

Popular Opinion Bear meme

You dislike football so much, you just want it to all be over with. A day is beggining to feel like a week and you feel like the Euros has been, and will be, on forever. You are probably running out of things to fill your time with too. After all, there is only so many times you can take a trip to town and visit the same shops.

But hang on in there, it will all be over on the 10th July. That's just another 24 days or 576 hours to wait.

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