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Mobile advertising is predicted to increase by 64%


Many businesses are increasing the amount of money they are spending on mobile advertising and social media advertising. Analysts are predicting that the increase in spend on mobile advertising will be 64% and on social advertising – 47%. These two industries are closely connected, as around 17% of the time people spend on their mobile devices is spent using social network sites. So it’s important to get your mobile advertising right. 

Top Tips

There are a number of tips that can help to utilise mobile devices to their maximum potential for marketing. For instance, ensuring that the number of clicks is kept to a minimum is vital in mobile advertising. Sign-ups or offer take-ups within ads can help with this requirement. Another piece of good advice is to research your audience; really think about who you are trying to target and why. For example, a mobile ad campaign focusing on app installs needs to understand which customers use the app the most frequently and why they use it; this will direct your mobile ad buys in the most efficient way. This will also enable you to design the most effective call to action to place within your ad. These are often discounts and freebies, which can be especially efficient if geographically targeted, for example, involving a visit to a local retail outlet to use a voucher. One of the advantages of displaying an ad on a mobile phone is that it enables customers to click directly on phone numbers and make a call through the ad, leading to potentially high levels of impulse customer contact, which can only be good for generating leads for your business! Once your campaign is running, it’s vital to gather data on responses and customers wherever possible, to ensure you can optimise future campaigns, target them correctly and ensure your money is spent in the right place.

Social Media

Studies have shown that content which people browse on their mobile devices is much more likely to be shared via social networks than content that they see on non-mobile devices. So, designing ads to utilise social networks and making them very ‘shareable’ can significantly increase their success rate. It’s also important to bear in mind how your mobile advertising will complement your overall marketing for your brand. Messages within mobile ads should correlate well with those that customers might find on your website, for example, if they end up clicking on to there. Customers don’t just see ads on mobile phone screens; phone cases can also be used for ambient advertising. Many fans of particular TV shows will have a phone case showcasing that programme, so why not tap into that potential branding stream? As a brand or owner, you can even design your own phone case to get your logo or message across.

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