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New Apple iPad Air. What's so good about it?


It's time to ditch those old iPad cases because Apple's latest tablet is thinner and lighter than ever before. The company has shaved a significant proportion off the dimensions of the fourth-generation model to make people part with a significant amount of cash all over again in 2013.

Physical Assets

The iPad Air is 7.5mm thick, hence the borrowing of the Air name from its MacBook range of laptops. It is also very light, with a weight of just 454 grams making it much less of a burden than the 680g first-generation iPad. All this means that with personalised tablet cases for the iPad Air on board, you are still looking at a very sleek and stylish device that will be easier to hold for extended periods and will not put much of a dent in your bag, briefcase or backpack. The 9.7 inch display size is retained for the iPad Air, along with the Retina Display, but this time the screen is surrounded by a much smaller bezel, which is aesthetically pleasing as well as a further factor that helps contribute to its small footprint. Apple has always been good at producing attractive products and the iPad Air is one of the best looking to date — at least until the iPad Air 2/iPad 6 comes along next year.

Processing Properties

The upgrades have not just been made to the exterior of the iPad Air, as it is also equipped with the new A7 processor, which got so much attention after its inclusion in the iPhone 5S. The A7 is a 64-bit chip that is claimed to be many times faster than its predecessor, which certainly seems to be the case based on basic levels of performance. Of course, for most iPad users, who will just use the tablet for web browsing and social media, this does not make a lot of difference and is not an entirely compelling reason to upgrade. But then Apple's iterative approach to product improvement has helped it to consistently out-sell most of its rivals year after year, so it is difficult to criticise this strategy. The inclusion of a FaceTime HD camera with a five-megapixel sensor and 1080p video capabilities on the front of the iPad Air is a welcome improvement, since it means those video calls will look even better. There is still a camera on the rear for dedicated photography, although you probably already have a better one on your smartphone, so it might not be used that often. The iPad Air disappointingly misses out on getting Apple's TouchID fingerprint-scanning system, which is present on the iPhone 5S, but since the relevance of this has yet to be proved it may not be a deal breaker. In essence, the iPad Air is a thinner, lighter and more powerful replacement for the iPad 4, which is all you can really ask of a new tablet. And if you're an Apple fan then it is probably already on your wish list. If this product is on your wishlist, then why not treat yourself to an ipad air case to keep it protected?

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