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New trend technologies for 2014


2013 has been another big year for technology, with an entire new console generation coming out in November and weekly launches of new smartphones and tablets hitting the headlines.

The phone case has even returned to prominence thanks to the activities of Apple, whose colourful iPhone 5C has brought some life and fun back into the mobile market. People are spending more money on personalised phone cases this year in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. But what technological delights with 2014 bring with it and can it live up to 2013 when it comes to the innovations that are revealed?

iPhone 6

The iPhone 5S is an appealing handset, but not a particularly revolutionary one. It has a fingerprint scanner and a 64-bit processor, but these are not quite the selling points that Apple had hoped. 2014 will see the iPhone 6 arrive in all its glory and hopes are already high for the inclusion of a larger, higher-resolution screen to outdo the four-inch retina display, which will have been around for two years by the time of its launch. If you'e thinkling about upgrading, have you seen our wide range of personalised iPhone 6 cases?

Curved Smartphones

While Apple will focus on iterating the iPhone range, its rivals are looking elsewhere, with both Samsung and LG recently announcing smartphones with curved displays. The Galaxy Round and G Flex are probably not going to go on sale internationally until next year, if at all. So consumers in the UK will have to look to their successors if they want concave handset displays.

Smart Watches

2013 has seen a few smart watches hit the market, but all eyes will be on 2014 for the big technology companies to launch their versions. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is just getting off the ground, but it could be down to Apple and its rumoured iWatch to really get the market moving. Google might even be introducing the second generation of its Glass headwear accessory, which could go on sale to consumers rather than being handed out to a select few.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

For businesses, migrating to a cloud computing platform rather than relying on in-house IT hardware has been a top priority for the last couple of years, although there has been hesitance amongst some as a result of fears over security and reliability. Hybrid cloud computing is a fast-growing area of this market, allowing organisations to combine private and public cloud set-ups so that you get the control and management benefits of the former with the scalability and affordability of the latter. The hybrid cloud requires a lot of work to set up and many companies will be looking to acquire skilled staff with prior experience in this area, which could lead to a shortage of talent, but that is an entirely separate concern.

Smarter Everything

More and more products are joining the long list of smart devices, with smart TVs, cars, fridges and even central heating systems coming to market. All of these require a smartphone or tablet to control them, with dedicated apps making it easier for people to manage various systems and services when they are at home or out and about. Portable devices will remain vital in 2014, but the question that needs to be answered is about which products they will be controlling.

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