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Original engagement present ideas


Original engagement present ideas
With most couples now living together for at least a year or two before getting hitched, finding exciting and useful engagement presents is getting harder and harder. Where once a new blender, crockery set or new vase would have been perfect, couples are now likely to have everything they need already, leaving gift givers scratching their heads.  
If you have some friends who have recently got engaged and can’t think of anything at all to give them, here are a few engagement present ideas that are guaranteed to win every time. 
His ’n’ Hers mugs
Though your friends may well already have a full complement of mugs, there’s always room for novelty items in the crockery cupboard.
Use the tools on the Mr Nutcase site to create humorous and original His ’n’ Hers mugs, using photos or graphics to make designs that are completely unique. 
If you’ve known the couple for a long time, why not dig out some old photos of them as children or teenagers and drop them into the template? If you don’t have any images of your own, you can ask their respective sets of parents for a few embarrassing baby snaps and create hilarious mugs they’ll never want to be without. 
Turn their phones into photo albums
These days, almost everyone has a smartphone, so why not use your creativity to transform their handsets into mobile photo albums and come up with some great engagement present ideas in the process?
Dig through your digital photos to create a set of images that tell either the story of your friendship or the story of your friends’ romance. Alternatively, you can select a few funny photos to create a humorous phone cover or select embarrassing photos and get the stag or hen do started early. 
Use the Mr Nutcase site to create a stylish and eye-catching personalised cover and give your friends a present they will treasure forever.  
How to make your engagement present ideas a reality
Thanks to the easy to use tools on the Mr Nutcase site, bringing these engagement present ideas to life has never been easier. 
The first thing that you’ll need to do is select the item that you’re going to customise from our range of high quality products. Next you’ll need to choose a template from the options available and upload your chosen photos to the site. Once you’re happy with your design, simply order your product and your personalised engagement gift will be with you before you know it. 
To find out more about engagement present ideas, log on to the Mr Nutcase site today.

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