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Phone insurance - is it worth it?


Insurance for your mobile phone can be expensive. Unlike car insurance, it is not compulsory and yet many people choose to have it. Is it really worth it? Possibly. It all depends on your personality and your circumstances. If you are the kind of person who rushes around and often mislays your keys and phone, then taking out insurance will be cheaper than having to buy a new phone regularly because yours is lost. Similarly, if you find that you often break your phone, dropping it and getting it wet, then again insurance will be worth the expense. However, if you are careful and have not lost or broken any of your mobiles or your phone case over the years, then it is worth considering other ways to protect your phone against disaster. You can shop for the best deals on mobile phone iunsurance on sites like Money Saving Expert.

Is your phone already covered?

It might be that your phone is protected already by your household insurance. Your contents insurance is likely to cover your phone if it is stolen from your house or damaged in a house fire. If you also have accidental damage insurance for home contents, this will cover your phone should you drop it into your sink, loo or down your stairs. Should you already have personal possessions cover for expensive items when they are outside your home, such as cameras and watches, this will also provide cover for your phone against theft or accidental damage. Although you will have to pay an excess should you make a claim, relying on this type of cover for your phone is a sensible option if you are not the kind of person who readily loses personal possessions. Have you thought about self-insurance? It might be worth considering if you are self-disciplined and able to save money monthly. With self-insurance you simply put a little money aside every month into a high interest savings account to cover the cost of replacing your phone or custom phone case should you lose them. In this way you avoid lining the pockets of insurance brokers and providers and get to keep the interest your money accrues.

What if your phone develops a technical fault?

In this case it is important to know your rights. If you have a mobile phone contract with a provider and they supplied your phone as part of the deal, then you can make a claim against them should your phone develop a technical fault. You may well be entitled to a free repair or replacement as part of your contract agreement. If your phone is not part of your contract, then you must claim from the retailer from whom you could be entitled a full refund, repair or replacement under the Sales of Goods Act. If you make the claim within six months of buying the phone, it is assumed that the phone was faulty when you bought it. If the fault develops after six months, you can still claim successfully but must prove that you did not damage it yourself. Your phone may also have a manufacturer's guarantee which usually means that the manufacturer must replace or repair any faulty goods it sells. Don't be put off by reluctant salesmen, either at the retailers, your contract provider or the manufacturer themselves. Know your rights and persevere!

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