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Best phones for youngsters


Choosing a phone for a teenager or school-aged child, or helping them to select one for their own use, can seem like a mammoth task. There are a huge number on the market, all claiming to be the very best for something. Where do you even start choosing?

First phones.

If it's a very first phone or one for a younger child, then it might be sensible to make a choice that won't leave you out of pocket if it gets lost or dropped from a great height. A colourful but basic phone such as a reliable Nokia 100 might be ideal, cheap to set up and fun to use. A long battery life is ideal for children who may not remember to charge very often. There's even a built-in torch, which kids will love. On the other hand you might decide to get a slightly more high tech phone, such as a smartphone with a great deal of educational potential. An older range iPhone can be brilliant for children, even very young ones, with a vast array of apps available from language learning to basic maths and literacy. A smartphone such as an iPhone or Blackberry will need a protective phone case to ensure that it maintains it's high quality finish. At Mr Nutcase, we stock an extensive number of personalised iphone cases and other models for you to choose from. Either way, it's probably best to go with a Pay As You Go and watch the data allowance, so a young person beginning to learn financial responsibility cannot accidentally rack up huge bills.

Cool and useful.

When a teenager looks for a phone they're looking for something that fulfils a range of needs. Ideally cool, multifunctional and entertaining, the teen phone is all things. The phone itself might still be slightly secondary to choosing cool phone covers, tones and apps, but it's still an important part of the teenager's identity. Most will want a smart phone, and with the array of affordable contracts it's a good idea, for many teens. 

One of the most popular phones is, of course, an iphone. You don't have to buy the newest model (and it's wisest not to) in order to get access to the games, apps and features and it can act as a personal organiser, social media, phone, and educator. Of course it's a bad idea to take a very expensive phone to school, and for that reason many parents are choosing cheaper smartphones. A Nokia Asha 201 can be a good compromise for instance. It has a qwerty keyboard, making texting fast and easy, good battery life and even some social networking apps, such as Twitter. You do miss out on the full range of apps on the Android and Apple systems, though. A first phone is a momentous milestone for a young person. Sometimes, especially if your family regularly updates the adults' tech, the best phone you can give to a child or teen is the one you've just upgraded from. The key to the perfect phone for most kids and teens, after all, is personalisation. A new phone cover that reflects their tastes makes a huge difference, and so long as the phone isn't wildly out of date and meets their current needs decently, it's a great introduction to the world of phone ownership.

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