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Protect your screen with the best iPhone screen protectors


Once you've got yourself a new iPhone, the last thing you want to happen to it is a scratch – or worse still, a completely broken screen. A huge number of cases and protective products are available to help prevent this happening. Which work best and which will suit your needs?

Pouch, Sleeve or Flip?

The first kinds of phone case available are the pouch and sleeve-style protectors. These completely cover your iPhone in a soft, protective fabric and are available in a wide range of colours and designs. These are also relatively inexpensive, though only offer minimal protection against bumps and drops. More importantly, to use the touchscreen you will usually need to remove the phone from its sleeve, making the screen vulnerable should it be dropped at this time. The alternative style is the leather flip-style case. These have a front flap which flips down to allow users to access the touchscreen. These often have a vinyl-type panel protecting the screen from scratches and will offer protection against breakages whilst the case is flipped closed. The compromise is that these are often bulkier than other phone cases.

Shells, Bumpers and Skins

Alternatively, shells and bumpers can make a strong style statement whilst also providing a little extra protection. Shells will protect from minor wear and bumps but not from being dropped and leave the screen exposed for use. However, if a phone is dropped whilst using a shell for protection, the screen will likely shatter. Some shell cases have protruding front edges to help diminish the impact should it fall on its front, but the screen might be vulnerable. Bumpers were introduced with the iPhone 4 and they are a rubbery layer around the sides of the rectangle, helping it to 'bounce' if dropped. They don't detract from the design of the iPhone itself. Skins, on the other hand, completely cover the exterior of the iPhone in a thin silicone rubber material which prevent scratches without adding too much bulk. They add additional grip to the phone, helping to prevent it falling from your hands whilst in use, but they therefore can also make it more difficult to get the phone out of your pocket. Skins are easy to remove and reapply, but do not protect the screen in the way that other phone covers do.

For most people, the easiest way to protect their iPhone's screen is to use a protective film. These are clear, flexible, self-adhesive layers which are easily fixed on to the front of the phone to help stop scratches damaging the screen. Most shell or skin cases come with a screen protector, though better quality films can also be purchased separately.  

What do you prefer to dress your Apple iPhone with for phone protection?

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