The ongoing battle for home gaming and entertainment supremacy between Sony and Microsoft continues and is as strong as ever with the current generation of consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4. With both systems on the market for a while now and with numerous updates and big game launches under their belts, let's take at look at how the two systems compare right now.

Comparing Specifications

There are a lot of similarities in the basic specs, with hard drive size both being 500GB, and both running on 8GB of RAM and using AMD Radeon graphics. The Sony system uses an eight-core AMD Jaguar CPU, while the Microsoft system unsurprisingly uses a Microsoft custom eight-core CPU. Both come with Blu-Ray and DVD players as well. The PS4 gets an extra point for its removable hard drive option, but loses one back with its lack of USB for external storage. In terms of size, the Xbox is much larger and heavier than its much sleeker Sony counterpart.

Graphics and Resolution

The PS4 has a more powerful graphics engine and is capable of more impressive on-screen displays thanks to its faster rendering. The PS4 also has more games that run at the full screen resolution of 1080p, which may sway your decision if your love your giant 50-inch LCD TV. This is not to say that the Xbox One has poor performance — far from it. Much of the time you won't notice the difference and it's really only on certain highly detailed games that you'll find yourself envying the PS4's picture quality. Both machines are around eight times more powerful than the previous generation, so you won't find yourself waiting for loading screens or squinting to make out graphics with either option.

Who Has The Best Games?

From the current crop of newly released games, the Xbox arguably has the better line-up and is more likely to have exclusives in the future. Many of the most popular games are released across multi-platforms anyway, so it probably isn't an issue unless you are a real hardcore gamer. Currently, there are simply more games available on the PS4 than the Xbox One, though both also have some great free or very cheap games that you can get through their interactive downloading services.

Interactive Aspects and Updates

Both systems have Home Hub capabilities, offering you the ability to check social media sites, browse online and access streaming video sites with ease. The Xbox One currently has more available apps with which to use services such as Sky Go and Skype, but both have access to popular sites such as Netflix and the BBC iPlayer. Both consoles have released a number of important firmware updates that have added improved functionality and new features each time. With such powerful engines under each sleek case, expect more updates to follow as each company looks to get the very most out of their latest and best consoles.

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