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Recycle Your Old iPhone


Many of us have mobile phones sitting around in a drawer or cupboard, taking up space and being of no use to anyone. The problem with mobile phones is that you can’t just throw them in the bin. Firstly, they are too valuable. When you’ve paid a small fortune for a phone, either upfront or as part of a contract, you don’t want to just bin it. Secondly, from an environmental point of view, as with anything containing batteries, a mobile phone ending up in landfill is a total disaster. So instead, they sit languishing in your closet waiting to be forgotten or rediscovered. Luckily, you don’t have to look too far for inspiration when it comes to recycling your old phone.


Reusing is probably even better than recycling. Most of us have younger relatives, whether they are children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren, who are reaching an age when they would like a phone of their own. Whilst they might not love the idea of having a relative’s old phone, the likelihood is that your second-hand phone will be notably better than any phone they can afford themselves. To help them to make the phone their own, you can direct them towards the possibilities of custom iPhone cases that they design themselves for a really individual look. In fact, whatever phone you have, phone cases are available in numerous fabulous styles, and you can even put your own photo on the case for the ultimate in individuality.


There are numerous ways to sell a mobile phone, both online and offline. You could visit your local car boot sale — if you do this, you will find that your mobile will be the first thing to sell. There is a reason for this, though, as people scour places like this to find phones that they can sell on for more money. The other options are to sell it through an online auction or go through a dedicated mobile phone purchasing website. These websites are particularly helpful because they will pay the postage for you. They are also a great way to get rid of broken phones, because they will examine them and let you know how much they are valued at with whatever issues they have.


If you don’t need the money that you would get from selling your old phone, and you don’t have a relative who could use it, there are plenty of charities out there who would put it to good use. From animal charities to cancer research to help for the elderly, many places would love the opportunity to recycle your mobile phone. It might be that they wipe the phone and donate it to someone who can’t afford one but would need one in an emergency, or alternatively they could sell it to raise funds for whatever work they do. You could even donate to soldiers on active service, giving them a lifeline to be able to phone home.

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