The Samsung Galaxy S7 Series Memory - What Does This Mean For The S8?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Series Memory And What This Could Mean For The S8



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The S7 is a beautiful and well thought out device. It's intuitive, advanced and definitely a looker. It's improved in many ways since the rest of its Samsung Galaxy family and definitely, gives other devices a run for their money. But after having joined Apple in having a non-removable battery and its entirely internal based memory in the S6 flagship series, Samsung has listened to their criticisms and given into one of our demands and has granted the great return of external memory. So we can all take in a huge deep breath of relief!

With a sufficient 32GB internal memory plus the option to add up to an extra whopping 200GB via SD card (and lots of additional through cloud storage), you can’t deny that Samsung has vastly improved the Samsung Galaxy flagships which were already impressive before!

storage for samsung s7

(image via Android Central)

The only downside in terms of memory for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is the lack of “adoptable storage”. This means that even though you have much more storage (depending on your SD memory card size) and is generally used in the same fashion as previous S Series models, you have two separate storage units rather than being able to create one large memory area or space like in the past. 

Samsung has also made it so you can only move certain apps and not others to your external storage space, which can be fairly annoying. Instead, they have chosen to store any media files such as videos or images to your external space by default. 

sim tray for samsung galaxy s7

(image via Android Central)

Within the S7 models, the SD card is stored in the same card tray as the sim card. As a result, it means that every time you’d like to do some media transfers between devices, you have no choice but to take your sim card out also, which is a huge hassle if you’d like to receive and make calls when doing this. 

Now, what does this mean for the future Samsung Galaxy flagship, S8 Series (based on rumours, of course)? Bigger internal memory, starting from 64GB and 128BG, to have an adoptive memory function and hopefully a separate sim tray.

However, it isn’t just the internal memory that could be due a change… expandable dual micro SD cards is a rumoured (but great, not to mention, deeply anticipated) feature which will allow users to have two sd cards instead of one. Yes, you heard right! Two. Seems Samsung really wants to help us out with storage issues if this is true! 

Will all this happen? Possibly. Should be excited? Definitely! Time will tell if it does, so hang about and check up on our blog for any future updates!

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