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Samsung Gear Fit Review


Samsung has been keen to innovate in the smartwatch market, getting the Galaxy Gear range out to consumers long before Apple’s iWatch has even been officially confirmed. And in 2014 it is continuing to make progress, with a number of devices of this kind planned for release. Arguably the most interesting and potentially successful of the bunch is the Gear Fit, which is not quite as feature-packed as its stable mates but arguably has more commercial appeal given that it focuses very tightly on providing fitness-oriented capabilities, rather than attempting to be a jack of all trades. Of course, you will still need to synchronise it with your smartphone to make the most of the Gear Fit. And it is worth getting personalised phone cases to keep your handset safe if you decide to take it out with you when you exercise. But otherwise the Gear Fit is an intriguing new addition to a fledgling part of the portable gadget marketplace.

Design and Display

The Gear Fit is a slender, stylish bit of kit, with a sturdy strap and a front face which is covered by a long, thin, gently curved display. It measures 1.85 inches across the diagonal and uses AMOLED panel technology, which gives it a huge range of colours that really complement the beautiful interface which Samsung has designed. The use of an AMOLED screen is doubly important because it makes it more legible in direct sunlight, which fitness fans who like to get out and about while they work on their bodies will certainly value. And if you happen to go for a run in the rain, or leave it on when you go swimming, the water-resistant chassis will keep the Gear Fit fully protected for up to 30 minutes at depths of up to one metre.

Software and Features

To make the most of the Gear Fit you will need to install the Gear Fit Manager application on a secondary Samsung device, as well as getting the S Health app. So as long as your smartphone is built by this South Korean manufacturer, you should be all set to start using it. The internal components include a gyroscope and accelerometer to measure movement, while the Gear Fit really pulls ahead of the pack thanks to the presence of a heart-rate monitor. This can keep track of your pulse as you run, jump, ride and generally get moving, making it an ideal way of tracking your fitness levels as they improve while you train. The S Health app can handle lots of different types of exercise, helping you to see how many calories you have burned and whether you were quicker or slower over a certain distance compared to your previous excursions. You can even use it to map out your dietary requirements and help stick to a specific regime, all linked to the Gear Fit so that you have the motivation to keep going. If you wish, you can have notifications pushed from your smartphone to the Gear Fit, so you can even read text messages on its small screen when they have been received. Overall, it is a good-looking, compact and clever little gadget that could help people to exercise more if this is one of their goals.

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