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Many industry experts are certain that the S5 is set to outdo its predecessor when it comes to UK sales. In addition to a range of incentives designed to entice customers, Samsung are working hard to ensure a smooth launch following some difficult months and challenging times for the company. But how exactly does the S5 differ from what has come before and should S4 owners consider trading up?

What Features Can the S5 Offer?

It comes as no surprise that the S5 improves on the S4 in a number of ways. There is a larger and sharper screen and the chassis itself is larger, meaning that S4 owners with personalised covers will want new customised cases to make the phone feel their own. Two highly publicised and highly impressive features of the S5 are its water-resistant design and its ability to repel dust. But perhaps most interesting is the phone's focus on health, which attempts to set it apart from its nearest rivals. The S Health app is integrated and each handset carries a built-in heart monitor to encourage exercise and measure improvements. Of course, the futuristic fingerprint recognition technology is something that has attracted a number of buyers. After all, safety and security are key when it comes to protecting both your handset and your data.

Is the Phone Competitively Priced?

In terms of price point, Samsung are well aware of their main rivals in the ever-increasing smartphone market. The stylishly industrial HTC One 8 is hotly anticipated and the iPhone 5S has seen Apple continue in their position as market leaders. Priced competitively against both these handsets, Samsung is hoping that the S5's range of features will attract both existing Samsung customers and new ones alike.

Does It Look Good?

The phone's appearance has already raised a few eyebrows. Although pre-launch Samsung promised a sleek and sophisticated design, many consumers have felt let down by the real thing, arguing that aesthetically the S5 pales in comparison to its Apple and HTC rivals. Although the phone is clearly top-quality with its hard-wearing polycarbonate casing, the handset would be much improved by using personalised phone covers to add a bit of individual style. However, being both solid and lightweight at the same time does make the phone user-friendly. Although Samsung's reputation and the continued popularity of the S4 are expected to see the S5 do well, industry experts have suggested that the inevitable S6 will have to be considerably better looking in order to attract a wider customer base.

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