Selfie Madness: Different Types of Selfies That Will Just Baffle You

Selfie Madness: Different Types of Selfies That Will Just Baffle You



Selfie Madness: Different Types of Selfies That Will Just Baffle You

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 Welcome to the age of Selfies! I’m sure we can all think of more than a fair share of selfies that have been just… well mad really. The development of selfies has progressed rapidly and has documented so many crazy trends over the past few years, that much I’m sure we can all agree upon. From the famous duckface to one of the latest selfie trends ‘belfie’ or ‘animal selfie’. Or probably even one of the worst of the lot… the ‘funeral selfie’ (because apparently, this is how one pays their respect to the recently passed these days). Sigh. They seem to be getting worse and worse but to evaluate just how horrific they have gotten, here are some of the selfie trends we have had through its evolution. 


Probably one of the most well-known faces of selfie-taking and is it one of the most hated faces? Absolutely! Lips pursed (or overly pouted if you roll that way) and cheeks sorta sucked in. And there you have the duckface! What ever happened to that standard classier model pout? 


On the other hand… gone is the duckface, that’s so last year! Off you go! The new trend taking in the world by storm (particularly Instagram users) is the fish gape. The way to do this? Keep your head somewhat tilted down, eyes squinched (yeah you heard right) and your lips slightly parted… Some would say that the look seems like they look kinda constipated, but hey what do we know? Celebrities are strutting the red carpets with this look and when done right, can (admittedly) actually look really good! So to each their own.



I think we all need a perfect guide on how to smize for this one. If you’re wondering what a smize is, it’s smiling with your eyes rather than showing off your pretty smile for once. 


Just like the smize and fish gape, this involves having your lips parted and your eyes wide open “like a baby bird waiting to be fed” (as said by Buzzfeed).  Dominated greatly in Japan where it first got popular, the sparrow face named 'chun-gao' in Japanese translating to Chirp Face. Yep, this is actually a thing. What a time to be alive. 


Do people always want to take pictures when purposely looking ugly? Apparently, they do! This trend just speaks for itself...


Taking selfies with more than two people has now got its own name. (High five if you faced the same slight confusion when your only thought is ‘isn’t that just a group selfie?’)


The act of literally making your lips look like fish lips... enough said, words fail me.


When you don’t feel all that pretty but you know what? Your hair looks fantastic! So why not take a selfie? ‘Cos you know… you want to let your hair shine for once! The selfie game has been changed forever!


When girls feel beautiful without makeup and want to share it with the world when in fact majority of them still wear makeup, defeats the purpose does it not? Maybe it should be renamed to ‘Going for the no makeup but still using makeup look’! This probably goes hand in hand with the ‘just woke up selfie’ which is arguably worse!


Pay day soon anyone? That satisfying feeling of getting paid is definitely worth sharing! So naturally you’d want to broadcast it to the world… you know, just like you do. Totally the norm! Rolling in the dosh after all...


Because it really isn’t enough actually going to the gym to work out, you have to document that too! No picture, then it didn’t happen after all. Totally lost count of the amount of gym selfies I’ve seen, how about you? 


Solely because you want to share your pain so you’re not alone, it is painful for us to experience the horrific moment of seeing so many crying selfies after all. Perhaps that’s the purpose! So how to take a crying selfie? Step 1: Cry very, uh. unattractively. Step 2: Selfie time! Step 3: Post to every social media. Step 4: Cause others to cry at seeing your selfie, in turn pushing them to join in on one of the worst trends ever. Step 5: Repeat earlier steps to continue the cycle!


This trend seems to apply more to lads, so perhaps one can enlighten us on the purpose of taking a selfie when using the toilet? I should probably find a toilet myself to throw up straight after seeing some!

There are so many other crazy trends that have won over countless people and also so many types of selfies within selfie culture (I mean they even made a song about it) and so much more that can be said but for the sake of our mental health, I’ll leave it there! Just remember, doing something? Think: ‘but first let me take a selfie!’ (BTW, does anyone actually know another line from that song?)

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