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The 5 most common ways to break a phone


Smartphones are fragile objects. A knock here or a drop there can do them serious damage, with even the smallest tumble potentially leading to a huge amount of long term damage. 
As most damage is done by accident, it’s not easy to prevent or predict when your mobile phone will meet an unfortunate end. However, being aware of the most common pitfalls may just help you to prevent your phone meeting a sticky end. 
1. Dropping it on the floor
The most common way that people break their smartphone is by dropping it on the floor. A lot of people tend to carry their phones in their hands when walking around the home or office. If a phone isn’t kept in a protective case, a fall from a height of just a few feet can do it serious damage. 
2. Dropping it in water
If you keep your phone in your back pocket, it can easily fall out of your trousers and into the toilet bowl when you go to the loo. Spilling water on a phone is another common occurrence, something that’s very easily don’t if you knock over a glass of water or put a drinks bottle in your bag without the lid properly screwed on. 
3. Dropping it in beer
Believe it or not, dropping a smartphone in beer is the third most common way to break a handset. We can assume that quite a bit of the beer is generally consumed before the smartphone goes for its boozey dip. So be careful next time you’re handing your phone to a friend in the pub. 
4. Throwing it in anger or excitement
Whether it’s really good or really bad news that’s got you excited, make sure you keep a firm hold of your handset as your argue/celebrate with your friend/enemy.
5. Knocking it off a table
Like dropping your phone from a height, knocking it off of a table will do your handset a lot of damage. Expect to see broken screens, uneven displays and stiff buttons. If you’re lucky, the damage will be aesthetic and your phone will work as normal. If you’re not lucky, knocking your phone off of a table or bar could spell the end of your handset. 
To find out more about caring for your phone, or to invest in a protective cover for your device, take a look around the Mr Nutcase site today.

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