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Top 10 Apps to install


10 apps to install after purchasing your new phone

Are you looking for the best apps you can install on your new phone? The truth is that there is actually no best app since preferences differ greatly, but there are some basic apps you will need for better usage of your phone. These are apps you will continue to install and use if given the option to continually change your phones. Below are some apps you may find yourself installing or using any time you purchase a new phone.

Google Voice

Google Voice could be your first app to install after purchasing your new phone. The beauty of this great app is that it could link your Google Voice number to your current device. This is true especially if you often switch phones and SIM cards. So, this app will immediately connect you with your existing number plus all your contacts.


If you have ever installed and used stock Android keyboard and have in any way come across Swiftkey, you will agree that it’s indeed an awesome app you need to have on your new phone. Install this app and play around with it and you will marvel at its next word prediction.


This app affords you the opportunity to use your PC to access and interact with your wireless mobile devices over a conventional Wi-Fi around your vicinity. After installing, run this app on your mobile and then proceed to on a web browser on your PC. Login with a password; right on your PC, you can transfer files, send, delete or read SMS, uninstall or install apps, share text between mobile and the PC, play music and watch videos.


Springpad is my most favourite tool. I use to surf several sites and countless pieces of contents on daily basis with the help of this app. I employed Springpad notebooks to track most things I found around the web. Springpad notebook is the right app to keep track of web stuff and you will enjoy it especially because it’s often updated with fresh features.


With Google Reader gone to the wall, there is no doubt that Feedly has become the next option. It has most of the features incorporated into Google Reader. With this app, you will be able to see fresh apps; see most of the insights into the social media activities, especially the number of engagements that a story has. This app is constantly updated to meet the evolving technology.


If you are interested in fresh release around apps and tech. stuff, you better grab AppAware. This app has filters for listing only releases on Android apps and games coupled with the ability to search famous and freshly updated contents. You can get more from the active community, though a growing one.


If you want to effectively manage your password and perhaps keep your passwords in your mobile device—off-line, one of the best choices for Android will no doubt be KeepPassDroid. With a master password, you can have access to all your credentials. You need not get worried about the credentials in the clipboards ‘cause this awesome app get it cleared automatically within 5 minutes after the user’s id has been copied.


Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media sites with millions of user across the globe. The one-click login of this app is just great. You may not be a serious user of this social media, but its official app is worth installing.


There is almost no one who has not the official Twitter app. Twitter is no doubt pushing beyond the boundaries of social media engagement with awesome strides especially around its updates.

X-plore file manager

It appears X-plore file manager is what most Android users have been longing for. It grants you the opportunity to transfer files between folders on the same device and you can have your external storage folder on one side of the split screen and the device folder on the other side. This app shows the memory size and amount of free space. It can show file sizes. The above are just handy great apps that you may invariably need any time you purchase your new phone. Remember that there are several other ones and your preference is the best. Follow your instinct.

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