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The best deals on iPhone 5s


With Apple's latest models of iPhone just launched, many people will be looking to find the best deal on the 5C and 5S. 

The 5S is the more expensive option but has a higher specification. It comes in three tasteful metallic shades rather than the bright colours of the 5C, but with the amazing range of phone cases available you can make it any colour you want. It has a better camera, a faster chip and a couple of new high-tech features, such as a motion coprocessor and a fingerprint sensor for extra security. Before you choose a tariff you should work out what your realistic usage levels are going to be. On some deals the inclusive data is not high enough to cover everyday viewing of video clips or downloading large attachments, so you could get stung by a big per-megabyte cost when your bill arrives. Also consider whether it works out cheaper to buy the phone and get a tariff with a low monthly cost, such as SIM-only, or to get the phone for free and pay a higher monthly cost. Buying directly from Apple will set you back £549 for the 16GB model and £629 for the 32GB model.

Free Handset

If you want the iPhone 5S handset itself free, you will have to go for a two-year contract, and a 16GB model. Monthly costs range from £39.50 at Tesco Mobile to £52 on the Three network. O2 and Vodafone tariffs include unlimited texts and minutes, but Three's deal is the only one with unlimited data. The 4G network is not yet fully operational but you can still sign up now for £47 with either Vodafone or O2 – both deals have unlimited texts and minutes, but Vodafone's deal offers more inclusive data. If you're prepared to pay for the handset, you can get a much lower monthly cost on your tariff.

Lower Outlay Per Month

As little as £7 per month, with £519.99 for the phone, will get you 50 minutes, 100 texts and 250MB of data if you go for T-Mobile's cheapest deal. These are pretty low numbers, though, so check what you'll pay if you go over the allowance. Pay full price for the phone through O2 (£600) and £17 a month will get you unlimited minutes and texts. Alternatively, Orange are offering a middle way, where you pay £369.99 for the iPhone 5S handset and then £10.50 per month as your basic tariff. For that amount you will get only 30 inclusive minutes, but a generous 500 texts and a fairly reasonable 100MB of data. Remember that all these contracts are two years long – so you won't be due an upgrade to your handset before then. If that seems a very long time to wait, you could buy the handset from Apple and go for a SIM-only deal. Then you can upgrade your own handset whenever you like. As an example, 02 offer an £8 per month SIM-only deal with 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 100mb of data And once you've got your hands on your shiny new iPhone 5, why not create a phone case and personalise it? You can get any photo made into a case so your handset will truly be one of a kind!

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