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The best ever TV shows to appear on Netflix


The best ever TV shows to appear on Netflix

There’s no denying that Netflix is one of the top inventions of all time. Up there with sliced bread, the internet and space travel, Netflix has introduced an entire generation to some of the best TV shows ever made. 
For fans of TV, there are few things better than drawing the curtains, popping the popcorn and enjoying a Netflix marathon. If that’s your plan this weekend, here are a few of the best TV shows ever to appear on the site for your Netflix playlist. 

Breaking Bad
Tough, gritty and funny, Breaking Bad is one of the best series ever made. 
Unlike other shows, which often lose focus part way through, every single one of the series’ five seasons is outstanding. 
If you haven’t yet delved into the world of Walter White, now is definitely the time to get started. 
Freaks and Geeks 
Though it only got one series, the excellent Freaks and Geeks launched the careers of almost every major comic actor in their 30s today. 
From James Franco and Seth Rogen to Jason Segel and Busy Philipps, this coming of age series stars some of the biggest names in film and TV. 
Arrested Development 
Another series that came to a premature end, Arrested Development tells the story of the wealthy but dysfunctional Bluth Family. 
Hilariously funny, the series has become a cult hit and there are persistent rumours of a movie in the future. Well written and jam packed full of gags, the series is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a bit of quality comedy. 
Mad Men
Responsible for the recent boom in 50s fashion and for the return of the hourglass figure to our high streets, Mad Men has had a huge impact on TV and culture in both the US and the UK. 
Like Breaking Bad, Mad Men manages to retain its quality throughout its seven series. If you’re looking for a Netflix megamarathon, Mad Men is definitely for you. 
The X Files
The perfect choice for nostalgic 30-somethings and teenagers looking to enjoy a bit of retro TV, The X Files was one of the biggest shows of the 90s. 
Following FBI agents Mulder and Scully as they investigate super natural phenomena, the show will have you on the edge of your seat from the first episode. 
With Netflix available across a range of devices, catching up on your favourite series is easy. Whether you choose to binge watch on your TV, computer, smartphone or tablet, you can watch these great shows, and more, whenever you want.

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