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The Best His ‘n’ Hers Gifts for Couples


The best His ‘n’ Hers gifts for couples

Whether you’re buying a present for a wedding, anniversary, engagement or joint birthday, finding great gifts for couples can be difficult. Striking the right balance between novelty, practicality and style isn’t always easy, so it’s important to put a bit of thought into your gift to guarantee you get it right every time. 

Why personalised presents make great gifts for couples

As they are often celebrating love, commitment and friendship, gifts for couples are often more personal and more heartfelt than normal birthday or Christmas presents. 

To ensure that your gift packs an emotional punch, why not customise it using photos, text or illustrations and make it completely unique to the loved up couple? Putting in a little bit of effort when selecting, designing and finishing your presents can totally transform the look and feel of the gift, giving you a present to be proud and the couple something that they can treasure forever. 


If the couple that you’re buying for can’t function without their daily cup of coffee or insist on having tea on tap throughout the day, a set of matching His ‘n’ Hers mugs will make a great gift. 

Mugs are also perfect if you’re looking for personalised gifts for couples as they can easily be customised using images, graphics and text. 


If the couple that you’re buying for are always complaining that one of them is stealing the duvet or taking up too much of the bed, you can help to solve their domestic issues by investing in some His ‘n’ Hers pillowcases that clearly mark out whose side is whose. 

As well as being practical, these pillowcases will help to resolve any bed hogging issues and ensure that your friends live happily ever after. 

Washing up planner 

If you’re looking for truly practical gifts for couples, a washing up planner has got to be right at the top of your list. Putting an end to all arguments about whose turn it is to do the washing up, these handy planners can be displayed above the kitchen sink for all to see. 

To make your gift even more worthwhile, invest in a planner that also lists other household chores like vacuuming, cooking and cleaning the bathroom. 

That way your friends will be able to live in domestic bliss for years to come. 

To find out more about creating unique, practical and stylish gifts for couples, take a look around the Mr Nutcase site today.

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