The best navigation apps for your smartphone

The best navigation apps for your smartphone


The best navigation apps for your smartphone

If you barely remember a time before touch screen phones and the mobile web, there’s a good chance that the idea of using a physical A to Z to help you get around will seem hopelessly old fashioned. These days, most of us use our smartphones to help us find our destinations, with many people relying completely on their device for all their navigational needs. 

If you’re one of the millions of people that would be lost without their smartphone, make sure you have one of these excellent apps downloaded to your device. 

Google Maps  

If you have an Android, Google Maps will have come preloaded onto your handset. Easy to use, accurate and fast to load, the app can be used to locate your current position and to help plot a route to your destination. 

The only downside of the app is that is uses up a lot of data, so if you have a limited amount of megabytes, you may find your allowance is swallowed up in just a few journeys. 

City Maps 2Go

A good alternative to Google Maps, City Maps 2Go offers a huge variety of maps that can be downloaded and used offline. A digital version of an old fashion A to Z, you can search these maps to find specific roads, companies and places of interest. 

Most of the maps in the app also come with their own guide, giving you a bit of insight into places of interest at your destination. is probably the best offline navigational tool around at the moment. 

Using your phone’s GPS, it can pinpoint your location with surprising accuracy and help you to plan walking or driving route to your destination. You can also add notes to your maps and colour code different areas, making it easy to navigate in a hurry. 

But the very best thing about is that it works offline. This means that it doesn’t use up any of your data allowance and can be used in foreign countries without incurring a charge. If you need more detailed maps, you can download the necessary countries when you have access to Wi-Fi and then use them offline when you’re out and about. 

To find out about other exciting apps, or to learn more about making the most of your smartphone, have a look around the Mr Nutcase site today.

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