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The best retail apps


If you love shopping online and you own a smartphone, you have access to one of the best portals for web-based retail around. There are many major retailers that have created mobile apps specifically designed to help customers purchase products without having to fiddle with m-commerce websites. But, you may be wondering, which are the best retail apps available today?


Tesco has been a market leader in online grocery shopping for some time, and this is mostly due to its willingness to embrace new innovations. You can get an app which lets you order your shopping for iOS and Android, enabling you to curate a list of your most commonly purchased products so that it does not take a long time to arrange your next delivery of goods. You can even choose to pick up your order at a nearby store or locate the Tesco outlet that is closest to you.


Online retail titan, Amazon offers the widest selection of products on the web, with everything from books and DVDs to TVs, furniture and phone cases on offer. In fact, about the only thing you cannot do is create your own phone case, which is why you should look elsewhere for such features. The good news is that Amazon’s retail app is available on most major mobile platforms and gives long-time customers the chance to quickly browse for products, place orders and check up on existing deliveries wherever they happen to be.


Keeping tabs on eBay auctions used to require that you stay stuck in front of a PC until the timer hit zero, but with the smartphone app, you can do this whilst on the move. This means you can make sure you are the winning bidder without being restricted to one spot. The app is easy to use with an intuitive interface, so regular eBay users will be right at home.


This online payments service rose to prominence thanks to the aforementioned auction giant and is now part of the eBay family. When you install the PayPal app on your smartphone, you can use it to buy things both online and off, with security and consumer protection guaranteed. You can even use it to send money to friends and family, or accept payments if you operate your own business, so the convenience is extensive.

Domino’s Pizza

Being able to buy fast food from your smartphone is great for battling hunger and Domino’s is currently heading up the market when it comes to convenience. Its smartphone app is so successful that eventually it is likely to generate the majority of its sales. All you need to do is enter your postcode and start ordering now.

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