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The best smartphones for kids


These days it’s inevitable that your child will want a smartphone at some point. You can try and trick your toddler by giving them a fake smartphone but they immediately know the difference so trying to trick your ten year old or your teen is a non-starter. Once you’ve succumbed to the idea that you’ll eventually have to buy a phone, the only question left is, which one? Take a look at some of the top picks for kids.

1. Samsung Galaxy Y- This cheap smartphone has everything your child could need. It’s small and compact for littler hands and it doesn’t possess a lot of the most up to date features so you won’t find yourself with unexpected massive bills but it has enough to keep them occupied. The ability to call home when needed and a few games is all they need and all this phone is meant for.

2. Alcatel ONETOUCH POP C1- This phone has almost been made with children in mind. At a cost of under £40, the Onetouch is durable, small and does what you need it to do. Parents can choose what game apps to install before giving it to their child and older children can easily access their social media accounts.

3. Nokia Lumia 520- This may look like a more sophisticated phone that doesn’t belong in children’s hands but with more features comes better parental control. This smartphone allows parents to set security boundaries for the child using it to ensure their safety. Your child also won’t be able to download apps or games without your permission so you can monitor what they’re doing.

4. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini- This phone is one for the teens! With 8GB of storage and a compact and trendy style, this phone will allow your teen the ability to keep in contact with friends and family via apps, social media and of course, the phone itself. However, don’t store your card details in the app store- you may have a nasty surprise at the end of the month!

There’s a great selection of phones to choose from out there but before you buy, try and find out how secure your child will be when using it. When you’ve made your choice, surprise your young ones with a personalised phone case at and watch their faces light up when they see it!

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