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The Best Tips To Safeguard Your iCloud Account


The Best Tips To Safeguard Your iCloud Account

A hacker is often fingered in the leaking of explicit photos of celebrities owing to unguarded links in their Apple’s iCloud accounts. But, after the leaking of nude pictures of Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union and Rihanna sequel to the exposure of explicit nudity of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst, several fingers began to point at security flaws in iCloud system. There was no validation of the accusation that Apple is to bear the brunt of security breach in its iCloud system. As a consequence, Apple is smart enough to broadcast that it’s “actively investigating” the violation of its iCloud accounts. However, experts fingered Apple as responsible, asserting that if iCloud’s two-factor authentication had been enabled, the security breach wouldn’t have occurred. Below are basic information that will enable you to keep your iCloud account safe.

Change to Good Passwords

There is no doubt that the security hole cited above arose from owners inability to use good passwords. The automated exploit employed a list of 500 common passwords. One of the first steps towards protecting yourself from iCloud account hack is using good passwords. Good passwords are simply combinations of memorable phrases that are difficult to crack. For instance, “stem? bank! win! Love! For? losers?” Or any of such combination of words will be easy to recall but will be hard to crack using any cracker program. And if you are unsure you will not keep such combination of phrases to mind, you may use password managers such as LastPass or RoboForm.

Enable two-step verification

Apple enables two-step verification for all Apple ID and iCloud users and this is the latest stuff that millions of people are drawn into for security of their private information. This security feature will instigate users to enter their Apple username and password with extra verification code through text message from one of their devices. This can be done through, then proceed to password and security and follow given instructions. The relevance of this is that you will be required to verify your identity with one of your devices prior to your making iTune or Apple purchase or changes to your account from a new device.

How Apple Apps interact with iCloud

Find My iPhone iCloud offers no privacy for Find My iPhone simply because it’s structured for personal use if your iPhone is mislaid. As soon as someone has your Apple ID, such person can locate your iPhone and eventually you. The beauty of this is that you can track if someone is tracking your iPhone from another device by turning on the “Status Bar Icon” located at Find My iPhone under Location services. Find My Friends If this free app is installed and activated on your phone, you can be tracked. If someone finds your phone, unlock and download Find My Friends, run it in a background and eventually set parental control to prevent you from deleting it. Such a person can set notification alert to see when friends leave or enter locations such as home, airports, etc. Photostream Photosteam can enable anyone online to view your location even if your location is not explicitly stated. It can reveal where you are and who you are through location markers in photos. Helpful software for revealing encoded GPS coordinates of images taken on your phone abound. If location services are turned on for your camera, then location data can be used by anyone on the web for any reason. iMessage If you associate your email account with your iMessage, especially if it’s synced to your Mac or iPad, your iMessages can be accessible to anyone who can download the message app. And if a hacker has access to such information, he can view all your iMessages on another device without your knowing it. The more knowledgeable you are about the working of iCloud, the better equipped you are to secure your iCloud account. Equipped with the above information, you can effectively manage your account and prevent access and abuse by strangers.

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