The top 5 phone cases to prevent your screen cracking

The top 5 phone cases that will prevent your screen from cracking


The Best Top 5 Phone Cases To Prevent Cracking Of Your Screen

One of the problems faced by most iPhone owners is protection of their phones against cracking. Cracking and scratching has brought scare to most people and thus poses a challenge over protecting screen and minimizing bulk. There are varying screens that are you can select from. They range from feature-packed, wallet-replacement, slim and trim bumpers or hard-shells. Below are the best top 5 phone cases you can use to avoid cracking of your screen.

Case-Mate Tough cases

If you want rugged cases designed to keep your phone protected from scratches and cracking arising from bumps and drops, Case-Mate Tough case is the best option. In the line-up of this category, others are more of designer looks and personalisation. This case is noted for keeping your phone in perfect state without adding extra weight to the device. Most iPhone 4 and 4S users may opt for Tough Xtreme which is a military-graded and full-body protective sleek case. Tough Xtreme is a two-piece case that keeps safe the front and back, and shields the phone’s ports while providing access, plus soft buttons for easy control. Available for iPhone 5 users are Tough case and the Naked Tough case which are somewhat less robust but are of greater slim. They feature shock-absorbing silicone bumper and a protective hard plastic shell.

The Magpul Field Case

This case is made of a multicolour tough synthetic rubber which is available in almost all iPhone models – 3GS, 3G, 4S, etc. It combines a firm protective case and flexibility with no extra weight to the device. Though made of rubber, Magpul Field cases often snaps in and out of place and offers inconspicuous access to all iPhone ports while attached. With exception of iPhone 5 model, cost of all other models fall below $10, though colour could affect price tag.

Slim and Diffrent Wallet

These two cases produced by Kickstarter-funded firm are designed to offer nice protection to your iPhone. They are designed with a hand-made canvas coated with a shock-absorbing material for super-protection. The body slides in and out of place to offer protection against scrapes and bumps. The Slim case is just great without adding weight to your device while Wallet case has a slot behind for your cash, credit cards, ID, etc.

Twelve South BookBook

This is basically designed for iPhone 5, 4S and 4. As iPhone and Mac-designed cases, the Twelve South BookBook case is designed as both a case and wallet which masks your phone as a small book. It has sleeves and pockets for storing credit cards, IDs plus relevant documents you may desire to have around you. It’s made with unhindered headphone port with access to 30-pin or Lightning ports which you use without removing the case. The cover of BookBook is leather-wrapped across all edges for absolute protection with hard firm sheets along the top and bottom to keep your safe phone from damage.

Otterbox Defender

The high-impact Defender series of Otterbox features smooth silicone bumper that slides perfectly into a solid polycarbonate body which offers maximum protection especially when connected to hard polycarbonate screen and face protector. Although, you would notice a slight extra bulk to your phone but the case would make a great option for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, etc, because it would offer a greater protection. If you are looking for screen protection for any reason, any of the above cases will make a good choice for you. Simply check out reviews of each case and match it with your need and you will have a great case to prevent your phone from cracks arising from bumps and drops.

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