The Most Amazing Father And Best Friend You'll Ever Have

The Most Amazing Father And Best Friend You'll Ever Have


The Most Amazing Father And Best Friend You'll Ever Have

Father and child

Ever heard of that quote that goes round? "Dad. A father's first hero, a daughter's first love." Sometimes it is so easy to think that nothing is apter when describing what a father is and as cheesy as that quote may come across, it's the first quote that comes to mind purely based on its relevance. 

Just like any mother, father's play an integral role in our lives too and can be just as influential. To every individual, the word dad holds different meanings and responsibilities we think comes apart of the job based on our own perceptions and relationships with our fathers. 

So with Father's Day right around the corner, it's time to reminisce on everything important a father has given us. 

Unconditional Love

Father and new born

The best part of having a father is knowing that they love you irrevocably and with unconditional love comes support and discipline. They will always help you out in everything you do and aid you in seeing things clearly in tricky situations!

Love Life, Live Responsibly

parent and child walking]

Your father can be the best teacher in the world, they provide you with the best of knowledge of things that they have acquired from lessons learned in their lives, teach how to live life to the fullest but also how to be responsible when the situation calls for it. They set you up a little further in everything you do. 

Your Entire World

Fathers hand with baby's hand on top

They become your entire world and everything good in it. They listen to you, can be the one man you can always count on no matter the problem, fight your corner every chance they get (all the time) and most of all, they adore you. Your father isn't someone who can be your entire world, they can be your entire support system too. 

 The Best Role Model You Can Ask For 

Dad and baby sleeping

He's provided the best kind of life lessons and knowledge that take you a long way and set you up for any situation or period in your life. From being your inspiration to teaching you about different morals and lessons like not letting anyone treat you badly to showing you time and time again what your true worth is and how to not ever settle for any less. Your dad can be both your first love, hero and ultimate role model in the best way.

Your Best Friend


He is not just your dad who tells you right from wrong when he has to, he's your best friend too. When you were younger going on "adventures" doing all kinds of fun activities became the highlight of your day but the playful banter with your father doesn't stop him being someone you can rely on forever. You may not play a good game of hide-and-seek anymore but you can definitely reminisce on your dad's impeccable hiding spots when you witness your dad become best friends with your future children too!

Father’s can be a lot of things but the beauty of the relationship that one man can have with his children is eternal. Spoil the most important man in your life this father’s day and let this be a perfect opportunity to let him know just how much he has impacted your life and made it so much more worthwhile!

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