The Rise of the Bieber Fandom

The Rise of the Bieber Fandom


  The Rise of the Bieber Fandom

Justin Bieber Purpose Album Cover

It's no secret that Justin Bieber wasn't everyone's favourite person, especially with his ever growing astonishing acts. But with a new year, an all new comeback and an entirely reformed Biebs, he's winning over everyone's hearts!

jJustin Bieber performing

From going from making music majority assumed only “little girls” fangirled over to growing up and maturing himself, Justin has gained thousands of more fans (yes, including men!) with his new sounds.

Justin Bieber singing

On his journey of rising to the top and battling out with the likes of Adele and our new Canadian heartthrob Shawn Mendes, he really has come out on top and broken further records! Being the first person to have several songs at the top of the charts fighting out for the number one spot, he's broken the record that no one else could before!

Adele and Shawn Mendes

From songs like “What Do You Mean?” to “Sorry” and the UK’s number one track “Love Yourself” he's made the mass population fall in love with his music which has taken over the world by storm!

Justin Bieber Song covers

Besides, who doesn't love a bit of Biebs these days? Welcome to the new age with an all new, even more, loved Justin Bieber! 

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