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The top railway adventures


It may be slower than travelling by plane and less convenient that travelling by car, but there’s still something hopelessly romantic about train travel. Whether you’re heading to the coast for a weekend away, travelling to the other side of the country or even crossing a continent, the slow pace of life and great views make the train the perfect way to go. 
If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands and want to make the most of your railway adventure, here’s our pick of some of the world’s top train journeys to get your feet itching and your adventurous spirit flowing. 
London to Scotland
The Caledonian Sleeper offers a regular night service between London and various Scottish destinations. The perfect way to arrive in Edinburgh, Glasgow or the Highlands feeling refreshed and ready to explore, the Caledonian Sleeper is one of the last great train journeys in the UK. 
Book your tickets well in advance and you might even be able to grab yourself a bargain deal. 
The Sunset Limited, USA
Running from New Orleans in the east to Los Angeles in the west, The Sunset Limited takes in deserts, mountains and savannah during its two day journey through the American south. 
Seats, roomettes and bedrooms are available, and the train also boasts a dining car, café and observation deck. 
Belgrade, Serbia to Bar, Montenegro  
If you’re heading to the Exit Festival in Novi Sad this summer, a trip on this epic train journey will make a great addition to your holiday. Incredibly cheap, this old fashioned sleeper train departs Belgrade for the Montenegrin coast every evening. 
The scenery en route is truly spectacular with colossal mountains, canyons and ravines appearing on every side. Long delays are common so make sure you pack plenty of snacks and prepare to be patient. 

Paris to the Riviera 
There are few things better than leaving a hectic, noisy and polluted city for the clean air and sunshine of the coast. What’s more, with the scenery on route so spectacular, there’ll be plenty to keep your mind, and your Instagram account, busy on the way. 
With Eurostar services now linking London with the Riviera, travelling to the south of France has never been easier. 
Train journeys offer lots of fantastic opportunities to take photos and get creative. If you’ve got an album of beautiful snaps from a recent rail holiday, why not put them altogether to create a personalised phone cover for yourself or a loved one and treasure your photos forever?

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