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Tips for taking professional photos with your phone


Tips for taking professional photos with your phone

One of the best things about having a smartphone is that you will always have an almost professional piece of photographic equipment with you all of the time, with the ability to add filters and edit photos in seconds, and then upload them online or to your social networking pages in seconds. Cameras on smartphones have increased in quality a hundredfold over the past few years, and with a few simple tips it is now possible to get the most professional-looking shots with your phone, without even really trying!

Compose your photos more professionally

There is only so much that a camera app can do if your photo isn’t set up well. The best way that you can make a photo look professional is to experiment with symmetry and levels, so that your images are less fractured and spur-of-the-moment. Try keeping an eye out for repeating lines and patterns which you can bring into your shots to make them look a little more ‘arty’.

Use your flash properly

You can get camera apps for your phone which will allow you to keep your flash on the whole time when you are setting up your shot, so that you can see how the final image will look before you take it, and also to avoid that vaguely shocked look on the face of your subjects as the camera flashes!

Buy mobile phone lenses

For those looking for a really professional take on standard smartphone photos, there are additions that you can make to your phone which will add an edge to your images. You can buy phone lenses which fit over the lens on your mobile phone and magnify images, create a fish-eye effect and so on. Why not look into the cases available at and completely redesign your phone to suit your new artistic outlook?!

Experiment with filters

Everyone knows about the standard range of filters available on Instagram, but your phone should also have a number of filters programmed in as standard which you can experiment with, whilst various apps will also add new filters to your repertoire. Remember that you can experiment with more than one filter if you want to, and build up levels of filters until you have come up with something that you are happy with.

Try split-frame images

You can take a series of images on your phone, and then use an app to pair them with each other in split-frames. This is a really modern look which makes even the most amateur of images look a little more professional. You could try pairing very similar images with different filters for each, for something a little avant garde.

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