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Top 5 photo apps


Top 5 photo apps

Whether you like to snap selfies on a regular basis or prefer a more arty approach to picture taking, you can use the photo editing apps on your smartphone to completely change the look and feel of your images before posting them online. 

Easy to use and quick to download, these high tech apps will help to transform your photos from everyday snaps into stunning pieces of art. 

1. Instagram

Tried and tested, Instagram offers a good range of filters and a choice of photo editing tools. 

Though not as advanced as some of the other apps on this list, it’s perfect for when you want to upload a picture quickly or when you’ve taken a photo that needs very little editing. 

2. ProCamera8

If you’re a little more into photography and want more control over your photos as you’re taking them, you’ll love ProCamera8. 

Allowing you to adjust the exposure, use image stabilisation and take advantage of adjustable shooting grids, the app is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to bring a more professional touch to their images. 

3. Hipstamatic 

If you like bold, colourful photos and vintage effects, the Hipstamatic app is perfect. 

Mimicking the aesthetics of a range of retro cameras, the app allows users to create stunning photographic images. The newer version of the apps also makes it possible to edit photos after they’ve been taken, giving users even more flexibility. 


A great choice for photographers who love filters, VSCO has a fantastic choice of bold, colourful, subtle and retro filters that can be used to transform a photo and give it a brand new look. 

One of the best features of the app is its sharpening tool. Helping you to make your photos appear crisp and in focus, the tool will help you ensure every snap you post is just right. 

5. Filterstorm Neue

Anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop on their desktop or laptop will love this innovative app. Boasting a number of advanced features like curves, a clone stamp and a masking brush, the app will help you take your photos to another level. 

Whether you’re a trigger happy iPhone photo fiend or you just take the odd snap when the moment’s just right, having a photo editing app at your finger tips will ensure your pictures are always images to be proud of. To find out more, take a look around our site today.

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