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6 of the best battery saving tips you can't ignore


Top 6 most effective battery saving tips you must not ignore

The functionality that comes with advent of trending Phones no doubt is amazing. But, the shortcomings associated with them could be frustrating. If you are a tireless user of an iPhone for instance, you will discover that you will often recharge at intervals of few days. Thus, battery drain is one major problem of modern Phones. You can extend your battery life with these top 6 best battery saving tips even if you use some of the swift battery-draining features.

Turn Off Screen and Auto- Brightness

One of the commonest ways to reduce battery consumption is to turn off your screen brightness. You can control the default brightness of your iphone with a slider. Always keep your screen dimmer to save your battery power. In the same vein, you can adjust ambient light sensor based on the light in your environment. Turn this off to save more battery energy.

Turn Off Vibrations

The most powerful power-daring feature is vibration alerts. This situation is worsened if you often receive several push notifications. There is no doubt that it’s a great feature but turning it off will help you to conserve your battery life.

Bluetooth and LTE/Cellular Data Turn Off

Did you know that transmitting data wireless consumes more battery power than can be imagined? Leaving your Bluetooth on to accept incoming data will end up draining your battery. Simply turn it off to save more battery. The near-permanent connectivity offered by iphone is 3G and 4G LTE. It’s surprising to realise that using this connectivity consumes more energy for quicker data speed and high quality calls. It could be disappointing to experience slow connectivity but that could be a better way to conserve your battery power by turning off LTE or the cellular data.

Wi-Fi And Location Services Turn Off

Another power-consuming speed network which iPhone connects to is the Wi-Fi, though only accessible around vicinities with hotspots. Keeping this network on surely drains your battery; it’s preferable to turn it off when not in use. The iPhone’s built-in GPS helps you to have clear picture of your driving positions providing you with information about certain locations. In the same manner as any service that sends data over a network, it drains power and will dissipate your battery energy. Simply turn off your GPS when not in use if you truly desire to save battery life.

Disable Background App Refresh And Dynamic Background

One of the smarter iPhone features that keep your device ready whenever you need it is the Background Refresh App. This app helps you to keep the apps you use often available with the latest updates. Leaving this app on completely drains your battery power. Dynamic Background (iOS 7) is animated wallpaper running underneath your app icons. It’s no doubt a cool interface but it consumers so much battery power than static background image. This feature is not a “turn on or turn off” feature. Simply do not opt for dynamic backgrounds.

Battery Saving Apps

Using battery saving apps will help you pick out some of your Smartphone features that drain your battery. One of the most popular options for Andoid is Juice Defender, which is free and it’s often useful to opt for preset profiles. You remember Android gives more significance to apps to control your battery drain than other platforms; however, you can employ a few to gain some insight into your battery consumption. Other free stuffs include Battery Doctor app (iOS 7) which gives you great insight; Battery (windows Phone 8) which displays how much of your battery is drained and Battery Lover app for BlackBerry.

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