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Top Apps When Going Travelling


The Best Apps for going Travelling

Smartphones are perfect for keeping you entertained and informed when you are on the move, but only if you pick the right apps to install on your handset before you head out. Here are a few of the best apps for those of you who are about the head off on a long-distance jaunt and fancy having a bit of digital company along the way.


PS-based travelling apps are ten a penny, but Waze brings something different to the table. Not only will it let you navigate from A to B with ease, but you will also be able to get live updates along the way from other users. So if you are out on the road and you want to avoid delays, Waze’s network of faithful fans will alert you long before any other medium has caught up. And the app will even provide you with an alternative route to take without requiring your input, so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.


Music streaming is starting to be taken seriously and is now being counted as part of the UK’s singles- chart calculations, with Spotify currently sitting at the top of the market. Millions of songs are available to stream in real time or load on to your phone to listen to when you do not have a network connection available. A premium pay-monthly subscription is required to get the most out of Spotify, but for audio entertainment on the move it is hard to beat.


Music is not the only way to entertain yourself on the road, with the Oyster app providing you with easy access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks from throughout the ages, all as part of a subscription-based service that is perfect for expanding your literary horizons. The app can store up to 10 books at a time, so it is much easier than having to lug around the physical copies with you.

TripAdvisor City uides

One of the biggest names in the travel business is definitely TripAdvisor, as it lets users add their own reviews of various hotels, restaurants and amenities at destinations across the world. And with this City uide range of apps you can get the lowdown on some of the most famous urban centres you might hope to visit. Easy integration with other smartphone features such as PS means that you will not get lost while also learning all you need to know to have a safe, fun trip when you arrive. ou can even see pictures uploaded by other users and add your own if you wish.

Google Translate

Perhaps the most practical app to install on your phone if you are going abroad, google Translate lets you convert many different foreign languages into your own native tongue, and vice versa, so that you can communicate effectively.

Google Keep

Losing a phone, or having it damaged or stolen while travelling, can be a nightmare. And while you can protect it with custom iPhone 5C cases and get insurance to make up the difference, the real loss will be felt in terms of the digital data contained within it. oogle Keep lets you back up precious files and folders to the cloud, storing them so that they can be retrieved even if your phone is gone. Personalised iPad Air cover options will let you protect your tablet’s physical integrity while out and about.

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