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Top five reasons to buy a Macbook


Apple is a company that has built their brand so well that people automatically trust their products and services. But, with the amount of different tablets and devices on the market today, it’s only natural to want to research why the Macbook should be bought above anything else. Here are the top five reasons why the Macbook is worth investing in.

1. It’s for everyone- The Macbook is one of the easiest devices to use, whether you’re a computer analyst or a complete novice. Just like most other Apple devices, the instructions for setting up this laptop are clear, understandable and leave you with no doubt. If for whatever reason you do have trouble setting anything up as you’re using it, the trouble shooting and help options are actually helpful, unlike other manufacturers.

2. Security- The Macbook comes with iron clad security so even if you accidentally clicked on a pop up that shouldn’t have been on your screen or downloaded an email from someone you don’t know, the likelihood of the Macbook getting a virus is slim to none. This means that the device, your work, personal data and much more is a safe as it can be.

3. It’s design- The Macbook is instantly recognisable because there is no other laptop like it on the market. Apple are very good at setting their devices apart from others and most people would be able to recognise an Apple product even if they had never used one. This laptop has a smooth and smart look and it is light to the touch. Whether it’s used around the home or at work, it is sure to impress. The majority of people that use Apple laptops say they would never use anything else ever again.

4. You don’t have to re-learn everything- Some people worry that owning an Apple product means they will have to re-learn how to do everything. This is so far from the truth. The Macbook allows you to run Microsoft packages on it so you can still safely depend on programmes like Word and Excel.

5. Personalise it- Like other Apple products, the Macbook can use personalised covers and it doesn’t take away from its fantastic style. You can find personalised covers at and you have a choice of either designing your own or choosing from a selection of already made designs.

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